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WOMAN, noun. An adult female human.
WOMAN, noun. (collective) All females collectively; womankind.
WOMAN, noun. A wife (or sometimes a fiancée or girlfriend).
WOMAN, noun. A female who is extremely fond of or devoted to a specified type of thing. (Used as the last element of a compound.)
WOMAN, noun. A female attendant or servant.
WOMAN, verb. To staff with female labor.
WOMAN, verb. (transitive) To make effeminate or womanish.
WOMAN, verb. (transitive) To furnish with, or unite to, a woman.
WOMAN CAVE, noun. A part of a home, typically a room, reserved specifically for the use of an adult woman, in which she can relax and pursue her interests.
WOMAN CAVES, noun. Plural of woman cave
WOMAN CHILD, noun. (archaic) A young female human; a girl.
WOMAN CHILDREN, noun. Plural of woman child
WOMAN OF EASY VIRTUE, noun. A prostitute.
WOMAN OF ILL REPUTE, noun. (euphemistic) A prostitute.
WOMAN OF LETTERS, noun. Feminine equivalent of man of letters
WOMAN OF MEANS, noun. A woman who possesses sufficient wealth to be regarded as prosperous or well off.
WOMAN OF SIZE, noun. A female person of size.
WOMAN OF THE NIGHT, noun. (euphemism) prostitute
WOMAN OF THE STREET, noun. A prostitute.
WOMAN UP, verb. To begin behaving responsibly, courageously, or both

Dictionary definition

WOMAN, noun. An adult female person (as opposed to a man); "the woman kept house while the man hunted".
WOMAN, noun. A female person who plays a significant role (wife or mistress or girlfriend) in the life of a particular man; "he was faithful to his woman".
WOMAN, noun. A human female employed to do housework; "the char will clean the carpet"; "I have a woman who comes in four hours a day while I write".
WOMAN, noun. Women as a class; "it's an insult to American womanhood"; "woman is the glory of creation"; "the fair sex gathered on the veranda".

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