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CHASTITY, noun. The state of abstaining from sexual intercourse before or outside of marriage; avoidance of sexual sins; the quality of being chaste; moral purity.
CHASTITY, proper noun. (rare) A female given name from the virtue chastity.
CHASTITY BELT, noun. A belt-like garment, designed to be worn over the genitals and locked to prevent sexual intercourse, typically for long periods of time, to maintain chastity, or to enforce BDSM submission.
CHASTITY BELT, noun. (figuratively) For a woman, refusal to have sex.
CHASTITY BELTS, noun. Plural of chastity belt
CHASTITY CAGE, noun. A chastity belt for males.
CHASTITY CAGES, noun. Plural of chastity cage
CHASTITY RING, noun. Synonym of purity ring.
CHASTITY RINGS, noun. Plural of chastity ring

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CHASTITY, noun. Abstaining from sexual relations (as because of religious vows).
CHASTITY, noun. Morality with respect to sexual relations.

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