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STRAIGHT, adjective. Not crooked or bent; having a constant direction throughout its length. [from 14thc.]
STRAIGHT, adjective. Of a path, trajectory, etc.: direct, undeviating. [from 15thc.]
STRAIGHT, adjective. Perfectly horizontal or vertical; not diagonal or oblique. [from 17thc.]
STRAIGHT, adjective. (obsolete) Stretched out; fully extended. [15th-16thc.]
STRAIGHT, adjective. (obsolete) (rare) Strait; narrow.
STRAIGHT, adjective. Figurative uses.
STRAIGHT, adjective. Free from dishonesty; honest, law-abiding. [from 16th c.]
STRAIGHT, adjective. Direct in communication; unevasive, straightforward. [from 19thc.]
STRAIGHT, adjective. In a row, in unbroken sequence. [from 19thc.]
STRAIGHT, adjective. In proper order; as it should be. [from 19thc.]
STRAIGHT, adjective. Of spirits: undiluted, unmixed; neat. [from 19thc.]
STRAIGHT, adjective. (cricket) Describing the bat as held so as not to incline to either side; on, or near a line running between the two wickets. [from 19thc.]
STRAIGHT, adjective. (tennis) Describing the sets in a match of which the winner did not lose a single set. [from 19thc.]
STRAIGHT, adjective. (US) (politics) Making no exceptions or deviations in one's support of the organization and candidates of a political party.
STRAIGHT, adjective. (US) (politics) Containing the names of all the regularly nominated candidates of a party and no others.
STRAIGHT, adjective. Colloquial uses.
STRAIGHT, adjective. (colloquial) Conventional, mainstream, socially acceptable. [from 20thc.]
STRAIGHT, adjective. (colloquial) Not using alcohol, drugs, etc. [from 20thc.]
STRAIGHT, adjective. (colloquial) Heterosexual.
STRAIGHT, adverb. Of a direction relative to the subject, precisely; as if following a direct line.
STRAIGHT, adverb. Directly; without pause, delay or detour.
STRAIGHT, adverb. Continuously; without interruption or pause.
STRAIGHT, noun. Something that is not crooked or bent.
STRAIGHT, noun. A part of a racecourse, running track or other road, etc., that is not curved.
STRAIGHT, noun. (poker) Five cards in sequence.
STRAIGHT, noun. Colloquial uses.
STRAIGHT, noun. A heterosexual.
STRAIGHT, noun. (slang) A normal person; someone in mainstream society.
STRAIGHT, noun. (slang) A cigarette, particularly one containing tobacco instead of marijuana. Also straighter. [from 20th c.]
STRAIGHT, verb. (transitive) To straighten.
STRAIGHT A, noun. (education) Grades or marks that are consistently A's.
STRAIGHT A, adjective. (education) Pertaining to one who makes straight As.
STRAIGHT AND NARROW, noun. (idiomatic) A path of honesty; procedure according to rules and plans.
STRAIGHT ANGLE, noun. (maths) (geometry) An angle that is equal to 180° (pi radians or two right angles).
STRAIGHT ANGLES, noun. Plural of straight angle
STRAIGHT ARCH, noun. A form of arch in which the intrados is straight, but with its joints drawn radially.
STRAIGHT ARM, verb. Alternative spelling of straight-arm
STRAIGHT ARM, noun. Alternative spelling of straight-arm
STRAIGHT ARMED, verb. Simple past tense and past participle of straight arm
STRAIGHT ARMING, verb. Present participle of straight arm
STRAIGHT ARMS, verb. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of straight arm
STRAIGHT ARROW, noun. (idiomatic) A person of conventional morality
STRAIGHT AS, noun. Plural of straight A
STRAIGHT AS A DIE, adjective. (simile) Completely or totally straight.
STRAIGHT AS AN ARROW, adverb. (simile) very straight, travelling in a very straight trajectory.
STRAIGHT AWAY, adverb. (idiomatic) Very soon; quickly; immediately.
STRAIGHT BAT, noun. (cricket) the bat when held vertically, or when swung through a vertical arc
STRAIGHT CHAIN, noun. (chemistry) A structural element of a molecule consisting of an unbranched sequence of atoms or simple groups, especially such a sequence of methylene groups in a aliphatic compound
STRAIGHT DINKUM, adjective. (Australia) (New Zealand) (slang) Genuine, honest, fair and square.
STRAIGHT DINKUM, adverb. (Australia) (New Zealand) (slang) Truly, honestly.
STRAIGHT EDGE, noun. (countable) A straightedge.
STRAIGHT EDGE, noun. (the straight edge, uncountable) A lifestyle and subculture that advocates abstinence from alcohol, tobacco and the usage of recreational drugs.
STRAIGHT EDGES, noun. Plural of straight edge
STRAIGHT FACE, noun. (idiomatic) A face that is expressionless, especially not laughing.
STRAIGHT FLUSH, noun. (poker) straight with all cards the same suit
STRAIGHT FLUSHES, noun. Plural of straight flush
STRAIGHT FORWARD, adjective. Alternative spelling of straightforward
STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSE'S MOUTH, adverb. (idiomatic) Directly from the source; firsthand.
STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSE'S MOUTH, adjective. (idiomatic) firsthand; direct; from the source.
STRAIGHT FROM THE SHOULDER, adjective. (idiomatic) (often hyphenated) (chiefly of an act of communication) Done in a direct manner; blunt.
STRAIGHT FROM THE SHOULDER, adverb. (idiomatic) (chiefly of communicating) In a straightforward manner; directly; bluntly.
STRAIGHT HIT, noun. (cricket) A fielding position close to the boundary directly behind the bowler; a fielder in this position.
STRAIGHT LINE, noun. (geometry) A line with no curvature; a line with constant direction. The path of shortest length between two points.
STRAIGHT LINES, noun. Plural of straight line
STRAIGHT MAN, noun. Used other than as an idiom: see straight,‎ man.
STRAIGHT MAN, noun. (idiomatic) A member (of either gender) of a team of comic performers who plays a supporting role by helping to set up jokes and punch lines through engaging in preparatory dialog with the principal comedian; a foil who plays such a role in theatrical comedy.
STRAIGHT MEN, noun. Plural of straight man
STRAIGHT OUT, adverb. Frankly, outspokenly.
STRAIGHT OUT OF THE CHUTE, adverb. (US) (idiomatic) something done immediately, or "from the beginning". Taken from rodeo routine: the bucking bronco, or bull, or the calf for the calf-roping contest is kept in a narrow pen, a chute, until it is released and dashes out to its fate:
STRAIGHT PEEN HAMMER, noun. A hammer with a blade-like peen parallel to the haft, used by carpenters.
STRAIGHT POOL, noun. A form of pool involving fifteen numbered balls, whose value is added to the score of the player who pots them.
STRAIGHT PRIDE, noun. A display of pride in one's heterosexuality (as a reaction to gay pride movements).
STRAIGHT PULL, noun. (firearms) Alternative spelling of straight-pull
STRAIGHT QUOTE, noun. (typography) A vertical quotation mark, ", as distinguished from a curly quote.
STRAIGHT RAZOR, noun. A razor with a blade that can fold into its handle.
STRAIGHT RAZORS, noun. Plural of straight razor
STRAIGHT RED, noun. A straight red card
STRAIGHT RED CARD, noun. (soccer) A red card, signifying a player's instant dismissal from the game, without receiving the initial yellow card.
STRAIGHT SHOOTER, noun. (idiomatic) A person who is honest and forthright.
STRAIGHT SHOOTER, noun. (idiomatic) A person who is blunt, sometimes to the point of being harsh or offensive.
STRAIGHT SHOOTER, noun. (informal) (recreational drugs) A type of pipe used for smoking cocaine.
STRAIGHT SHOOTERS, noun. Plural of straight shooter
STRAIGHT TALK, noun. Simple, honest speaking.
STRAIGHT TALKER, noun. A person who speaks simply and honestly
STRAIGHT TICKET, noun. (US) A ballot cast for all the candidates of a specific political party.
STRAIGHT TRADE, noun. A man who perceives himself as straight while still engaging in same-sex sexual behavior.
STRAIGHT TRADE, noun. The practice of same-sex sexual behavior involving at least one man who perceives himself as heterosexual.
STRAIGHT UP, adverb. Truthfully, honestly, seriously
STRAIGHT UP, adverb. (of an alcoholic drink) chilled (stirred or shaken over ice) and served in a cocktail glass, with no ice

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STRAIGHT, noun. A heterosexual person; someone having a sexual orientation to persons of the opposite sex.
STRAIGHT, noun. A poker hand with 5 consecutive cards (regardless of suit).
STRAIGHT, noun. A straight segment of a roadway or racecourse.
STRAIGHT, adverb. Without deviation; "the path leads directly to the lake"; "went direct to the office".
STRAIGHT, adverb. In a forthright manner; candidly or frankly; "he didn't answer directly"; "told me straight out"; "came out flat for less work and more pay".
STRAIGHT, adverb. In a straight line; in a direct course; "the road runs straight".
STRAIGHT, adjective. Successive (without a break); "sick for five straight days".
STRAIGHT, adjective. Having no deviations; "straight lines"; "straight roads across the desert"; "straight teeth"; "straight shoulders".
STRAIGHT, adjective. (of hair) having no waves or curls; "her naturally straight hair hung long and silky".
STRAIGHT, adjective. Erect in posture; "sit straight"; "stood defiantly with unbowed back".
STRAIGHT, adjective. In keeping with the facts; "set the record straight"; "made sure the facts were straight in the report".
STRAIGHT, adjective. Characterized by honesty and fairness; "straight dealing"; "a square deal".
STRAIGHT, adjective. No longer coiled.
STRAIGHT, adjective. Free from curves or angles; "a straight line".
STRAIGHT, adjective. Neatly arranged; not disorderly; "the room is straight now".
STRAIGHT, adjective. Not homosexual.
STRAIGHT, adjective. Accurately fitted; level; "the window frame isn't quite true".
STRAIGHT, adjective. Without evasion or compromise; "a square contradiction"; "he is not being as straightforward as it appears".
STRAIGHT, adjective. Without water; "took his whiskey neat".
STRAIGHT, adjective. Following a correct or logical method; "straight reasoning".
STRAIGHT, adjective. Rigidly conventional or old-fashioned.

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