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PLAYER, noun. One that plays
PLAYER, noun. One who plays any game or sport.
PLAYER, noun. (theater) An actor in a dramatic play.
PLAYER, noun. (music) One who plays on a musical instrument.
PLAYER, noun. (gaming) (video games) A gamer; a gamester.
PLAYER, noun. (gambling) A gambler.
PLAYER, noun. (historical) A mechanism that actuates a player piano or other automatic musical instrument.
PLAYER, noun. (electronics) An electronic device or software application that plays audio and/or video media, such as CD player.
PLAYER, noun. One who is playful; one without serious aims; an idler; a trifler.
PLAYER, noun. A significant participant.
PLAYER, noun. (informal) A person who plays the field rather than having a long-term sexual relationship.
PLAYER CHARACTER, noun. (gaming): A character in a role-playing game whose actions are controlled by a player.
PLAYER CHARACTERS, noun. Plural of player character
PLAYER HATER, noun. (AAVE) (slang) (derogatory) One who resents another person's success.
PLAYER PIANO, noun. (musici) An acoustic piano which is automatically played (mechanically).
PLAYER PIANOS, noun. Plural of player piano
PLAYER VERSUS PLAYER, noun. (video games) (chiefly role-playing games) A form of multiplayer interaction in which human players compete against each other, rather than cooperating or battling computer-controlled opponents.
PLAYER VS PLAYER, abbreviation. Player versus player
PLAYER VS. PLAYER, abbreviation. Player versus player

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PLAYER, noun. A person who participates in or is skilled at some game.
PLAYER, noun. Someone who plays a musical instrument (as a profession).
PLAYER, noun. A theatrical performer.
PLAYER, noun. A person who pursues a number of different social and sexual partners simultaneously.
PLAYER, noun. An important participant (as in a business deal); "he was a major player in setting up the corporation".

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