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CAPTAIN, noun. A chief or leader.
CAPTAIN, noun. The person lawfully in command of a ship or other vessel.
CAPTAIN, noun. An army officer with a rank between the most senior grade of lieutenant and major.
CAPTAIN, noun. A naval officer with a rank between commander and commodore.
CAPTAIN, noun. A commissioned officer in the United States Navy, Coast Guard, NOAA Corps, or PHS Corps of a grade superior to a commander and junior to a rear admiral (lower half). A captain is equal in grade or rank to an Army, Marine Corps, or Air Force colonel.
CAPTAIN, noun. ​One of the athletes on a sports team who designated to make decisions, and is allowed to speak for his team with a referee or official.
CAPTAIN, noun. The leader of a group of workers.
CAPTAIN, noun. A maître d'.
CAPTAIN, noun. (southern US) An honorific title given to a prominent person. See colonel.
CAPTAIN, verb. (intransitive) To act as captain
CAPTAIN, verb. (transitive) To exercise command of a ship, aircraft or sports team.
CAPTAIN GENERAL, noun. (historical) A commander-in-chief; the head of an armed force.
CAPTAIN HOOK, proper noun. The pirate captain from Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie. Named for the hook that replaces one of his hands, he is the nemesis of Peter Pan. He lives in fear of the huge crocodile who ate his missing hand, and is obsessed with the notion of good form.
CAPTAIN KIRK, noun. A heroic person, particularly one with exaggerated bravery and leadership characteristics.
CAPTAIN OBVIOUS, noun. (humorous) (usually pejorative) Someone who makes superfluous statements.
CAPTAIN OF INDUSTRY, noun. (idiomatic) A prominent business person who owns or is the highest-ranking executive of one or more major firms, especially one who has considerable wealth and influence.
CAPTAIN OF MAN'S SALVATION, proper noun. An epithet for Jesus Christ
CAPTAIN PLANET, proper noun. Anyone who wishes to save the environment with an ambitious plan.
CAPTAIN SWING, proper noun. The imagined leader of the swing riots in rural England in 1830.

Dictionary definition

CAPTAIN, noun. An officer holding a rank below a major but above a lieutenant.
CAPTAIN, noun. The naval officer in command of a military ship.
CAPTAIN, noun. A policeman in charge of a precinct.
CAPTAIN, noun. An officer who is licensed to command a merchant ship.
CAPTAIN, noun. The leader of a group of people; "a captain of industry".
CAPTAIN, noun. The pilot in charge of an airship.
CAPTAIN, noun. A dining-room attendant who is in charge of the waiters and the seating of customers.
CAPTAIN, verb. Be the captain of a sports team.

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