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CUP, noun. A concave vessel for drinking from, usually made of opaque material (as opposed to a glass) and with a handle.
CUP, noun. A US unit of liquid measure equal to 8 fluid ounces, 1/16 of a US gallon, or 236.5882365 ml.
CUP, noun. A trophy in the shape of an oversized cup.
CUP, noun. A contest for which a cup is awarded.
CUP, noun. (golf) A cup-shaped object placed in the target hole.
CUP, noun. (US) A rigid concave protective covering for the male genitalia. (for UK usage see box)
CUP, noun. One of the two parts of a brassiere which each cover a breast, used as a measurement of size.
CUP, noun. (mathematics) The symbol \(\cup\) denoting union and similar operations (confer cap).
CUP, noun. A suit of the minor arcana in tarot, or one of the cards from the suit.
CUP, noun. (ultimate frisbee) A defensive style characterized by a three player near defense cupping the thrower; or those three players.
CUP, noun. A flexible concave membrane used to temporarily attach a handle or hook to a flat surface by means of suction (suction cup).
CUP, noun. Anything shaped like a cup.
CUP, noun. (medicine) (historical) A cupping glass or other vessel or instrument used to produce the vacuum in cupping.
CUP, noun. That which is to be received or indured; that which is allotted to one; a portion.
CUP, verb. (transitive) To form into the shape of a cup, particularly of the hands.
CUP, verb. (transitive) To hold something in cupped hands.
CUP, verb. (transitive) (obsolete) To supply with cups of wine.
CUP, verb. (transitive) (surgery) (archaic) To apply a cupping apparatus to; to subject to the operation of cupping.
CUP, verb. (transitive) (engineering) To make concave or in the form of a cup.
CUP CHEESE, noun. A soft, spreadable cheese descended from the German Kochkäse and associated with the Pennsylvania Dutch.
CUP DISCHARGER, noun. (firearms) A cup-shaped bracket, mounted on the end of a rifle barrel, used to propel hand grenades.
CUP FINAL, proper noun. (England and Wales) (soccer) The last match in the Football Association Challenge Cup competition.
CUP FINAL, noun. (sport) The final of a cup competition.
CUP FINALS, noun. Plural of Cup Final
CUP FINALS, noun. Plural of cup final
CUP HOLDER, noun. Alternative form of cupholder
CUP O' JOE, noun. Alternative form of cup of joe
CUP OF COFFEE, noun. (baseball) When a minor league player comes up to the major league team for a short period of time.
CUP OF COFFEE, noun. (figurative) One’s personal preference.
CUP OF JOE, noun. (chiefly US) (idiomatic) A cup of coffee.
CUP OF JOE, noun. (figurative) One’s personal preference.
CUP OF TEA, noun. A cup full of tea.
CUP OF TEA, noun. (idiomatic) (singular only) Whatever suits or interests one.
CUP SHAKE, noun. A shake or fissure between the annual rings of a tree, most often found near the roots.
CUP SHAKES, noun. Plural of cup shake
CUP SIZE, noun. The size of that part of a bra that holds the breasts
CUP SIZES, noun. Plural of cup size
CUP THAT CHEERS, noun. (humorous) A cup of tea.
CUP TIE, noun. (sports) A match in a cup competition

Dictionary definition

CUP, noun. A small open container usually used for drinking; usually has a handle; "he put the cup back in the saucer"; "the handle of the cup was missing".
CUP, noun. The quantity a cup will hold; "he drank a cup of coffee"; "he borrowed a cup of sugar".
CUP, noun. Any cup-shaped concavity; "bees filled the waxen cups with honey"; "he wore a jock strap with a metal cup"; "the cup of her bra".
CUP, noun. A United States liquid unit equal to 8 fluid ounces.
CUP, noun. Cup-shaped plant organ.
CUP, noun. A punch served in a pitcher instead of a punch bowl.
CUP, noun. The hole (or metal container in the hole) on a golf green; "he swore as the ball rimmed the cup and rolled away"; "put the flag back in the cup".
CUP, noun. A large metal vessel with two handles that is awarded as a trophy to the winner of a competition; "the school kept the cups is a special glass case".
CUP, verb. Form into the shape of a cup; "She cupped her hands".
CUP, verb. Put into a cup; "cup the milk".
CUP, verb. Treat by applying evacuated cups to the patient's skin.

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