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RUGBY, noun. (usually uncountable) A sport where players can hold or kick an ovoid ball. The ball cannot be handled forwards and points are scored by touching the ball to the ground in the area past their opponent’s territory or kicking the ball between goalposts and over a crossbar.
RUGBY, noun. (countable) A loose fitting shirt with a collar, as worn by rugby players.
RUGBY, proper noun. A town in Warwickshire, England, where the sport of rugby is thought to have originated.
RUGBY, proper noun. A city and county seat in North Dakota.
RUGBY BALL, noun. A spheroid-shaped ball designed for the sport of rugby.
RUGBY BALLS, noun. Plural of rugby ball
RUGBY BOOTS, noun. (British) (Canada) Shoes with rounded studs, used to play sports on soft ground.
RUGBY FOOTBALL, noun. The sport of rugby (either rugby league or rugby union)
RUGBY FOOTBALL, noun. Rugby ball
RUGBY LEAGUE, noun. A version of rugby football, played between two teams of thirteen.
RUGBY PLAYER, noun. A person who plays rugby, especially professionally.
RUGBY PLAYERS, noun. Plural of rugby player
RUGBY SEVENS, noun. A form of rugby union, played on a full-size pitch but with only seven players per side.
RUGBY SHIRT, noun. A shirt of the kind worn by rugby players. It is usually short-sleeved and has a buttoned opening at the top, like a polo shirt, but the collar is stiffer.
RUGBY TACKLE, noun. An instance of knocking someone or something over using one's arms and upper body.
RUGBY TACKLE, verb. To knock someone over using one's arms and upper body.
RUGBY TACKLED, verb. Simple past tense and past participle of rugby tackle
RUGBY TACKLES, noun. Plural of rugby tackle
RUGBY TACKLES, verb. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of rugby tackle
RUGBY TACKLING, verb. Present participle of rugby tackle
RUGBY UNION, noun. A form of the game of rugby, historically amateur, having 15 players per side; points are scored for a try, penalty, drop kick or conversion.

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RUGBY, noun. A form of football played with an oval ball.

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