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SQUAD, noun. A group of people organized for some common purpose, usually of about ten members.
SQUAD, noun. A unit of tactical military personnel, or of police officers, usually of about ten members.
SQUAD, noun. (cricket) (soccer) (rugby) A group of potential players from whom a starting team and substitutes are chosen.
SQUAD, noun. (UK) (dialect) sloppy mud
SQUAD AUTOMATIC WEAPON, noun. (military) (weapons) a class of light machine gun ; a machine gun issued to a squad of troops, being heavier than the standard assault rifles, personal machine guns, machine carbines, battle rifles issued per trooper.
SQUAD AUTOMATIC WEAPONS, noun. Plural of squad automatic weapon
SQUAD CAR, noun. (chiefly US) A police car.

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SQUAD, noun. A smallest army unit.
SQUAD, noun. A cooperative unit (especially in sports).
SQUAD, noun. A small squad of policemen trained to deal with a particular kind of crime.

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