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PRACTICE, noun. Repetition of an activity to improve skill.
PRACTICE, noun. (uncountable) The ongoing pursuit of a craft or profession, particularly in medicine or the fine arts.
PRACTICE, noun. (countable) A place where a professional service is provided, such as a general practice.
PRACTICE, noun. The observance of religious duties that a church requires of its members.
PRACTICE, noun. A customary action, habit, or behaviour; a manner or routine.
PRACTICE, noun. Actual operation or experiment, in contrast to theory.
PRACTICE, noun. (legal) The form, manner, and order of conducting and carrying on suits and prosecutions through their various stages, according to the principles of law and the rules laid down by the courts.
PRACTICE, noun. Skilful or artful management; dexterity in contrivance or the use of means; stratagem; artifice.
PRACTICE, noun. (math) A easy and concise method of applying the rules of arithmetic to questions which occur in trade and business.
PRACTICE, verb. (transitive) (US) To repeat (an activity) as a way of improving one's skill in that activity.
PRACTICE, verb. (intransitive) (US) To repeat an activity in this way.
PRACTICE, verb. (transitive) (US) To perform or observe in a habitual fashion.
PRACTICE, verb. (transitive) (US) To pursue (a career, especially law, fine art or medicine).
PRACTICE, verb. (intransitive) (archaic) (US) To conspire.
PRACTICE, verb. Alternative spelling of practise
PRACTICE RUN, noun. A trial or practice before real-world deployment.
PRACTICE RUNS, noun. Plural of practice run
PRACTICE WHAT ONE PREACHES, verb. To act in harmony with one's teachings and advice.

Dictionary definition

PRACTICE, noun. A customary way of operation or behavior; "it is their practice to give annual raises"; "they changed their dietary pattern".
PRACTICE, noun. Systematic training by multiple repetitions; "practice makes perfect".
PRACTICE, noun. Translating an idea into action; "a hard theory to put into practice"; "differences between theory and praxis of communism".
PRACTICE, noun. The exercise of a profession; "the practice of the law"; "I took over his practice when he retired".
PRACTICE, noun. Knowledge of how something is usually done; "it is not the local practice to wear shorts to dinner".
PRACTICE, verb. Carry out or practice; as of jobs and professions; "practice law".
PRACTICE, verb. Learn by repetition; "We drilled French verbs every day"; "Pianists practice scales".
PRACTICE, verb. Engage in a rehearsal (of).
PRACTICE, verb. Avail oneself to; "apply a principle"; "practice a religion"; "use care when going down the stairs"; "use your common sense"; "practice non-violent resistance".
PRACTICE, verb. Engage in or perform; "practice safe sex"; "commit a random act of kindness".

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