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WINNING, verb. Present participle of win
WINNING, adjective. That constitutes a win.
WINNING, adjective. That leads to success.
WINNING, adjective. Attractive.
WINNING, noun. The act of obtaining something, as in a contest or by competition.
WINNING, noun. (chiefly in the plural) The money, etc., gained by success in competition or contest, especially in gambling.
WINNING, noun. (mining) A new opening.
WINNING, noun. The portion of a coalfield out for working.
WINNING HAZARD, noun. (English billiards) When one's cue ball strikes some other ball and causes that other ball to sink into a pocket. If the sunken ball is the red ball then one scores three points, but if the sunken ball is the other player's cue ball then one scores two points.
WINNING ONE FOR THE GIPPER, verb. Present participle of win one for the Gipper
WINNING POST, noun. The post that marks the end of a racecourse, sometimes equipped with a camera for recording photo finishes
WINNING STREAK, noun. An uninterrupted sequence of wins.
WINNING STREAKS, noun. Plural of winning streak
WINNING WAYS, noun. (idiomatic) a winning streak; a sequence of winning games.

Dictionary definition

WINNING, noun. Succeeding with great difficulty; "winning is not everything".
WINNING, adjective. Having won; "the victorious entry"; "the winning team".
WINNING, adjective. Very attractive; capturing interest; "a fetching new hairstyle"; "something inexpressibly taking in his manner"; "a winning personality".

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