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SUICIDE, noun. (uncountable) Intentional killing of oneself.
SUICIDE, noun. (countable) A particular instance of a person intentionally killing himself or herself, or of multiple people doing so.
SUICIDE, noun. (countable) A person who has intentionally killed him/herself.
SUICIDE, noun. (figuratively) An action which could have the literal or figurative death of a person or organization as its consequence, although death is not the aim of the action.
SUICIDE, noun. (countable) A beverage combining all available flavors at a soda fountain.
SUICIDE, noun. A diabolo trick where one of the sticks is released and allowed to rotate 360° round the diabolo until it is caught by the hand that released it.
SUICIDE, noun. (countable) A run comprising a series of sprints of increasing lengths, each followed immediately by a return to the start, with no pause between one sprint and the next.
SUICIDE, noun. A children's game of throwing a ball against a wall and at other players, who are eliminated by being struck.
SUICIDE, verb. (intransitive) To kill oneself intentionally.
SUICIDE, verb. (transitive) To kill (someone) and make their death appear to have been a suicide rather than a homicide (now especially as part of a conspiracy).
SUICIDE BAG, noun. (biology) (informal) A lysosome.
SUICIDE BAGS, noun. Plural of suicide bag
SUICIDE BAITING, noun. Malicious encouragement of suicide.
SUICIDE BATTERIES, noun. Plural of suicide battery
SUICIDE BATTERY, noun. A battery whose purpose is, in addition to powering an electronic device, making the powered device permanently unusable once the energy runs out.
SUICIDE BELT, noun. A belt packed with explosives and armed with a detonator, worn by suicide bombers.
SUICIDE BOMBER, noun. One who carries explosives on his or her body or in a vehicle and intends to detonate them to ensure maximum casualty of perceived enemies and inflict widespread damage. Usually the attacker is motivated by a political cause and is willing to die in the process.
SUICIDE BOMBERS, noun. Plural of suicide bomber
SUICIDE BOMBING, noun. An attack carried out by a suicide bomber or a group of them.
SUICIDE BOMBINGS, noun. Plural of suicide bombing
SUICIDE BOOTH, noun. (fiction) A booth that contains various tools to kill a user who wants to commit suicide, often automatically.
SUICIDE BOOTHS, noun. Plural of suicide booth
SUICIDE BY COP, noun. (informal) The method of suicide where a person deliberately acts in a threatening way towards a police officer, with the purpose of being shot as response.
SUICIDE CABLE, noun. (informal, electrical work) A simple electrical cord with prongs on both ends; plugging one end into a live outlet (for example a generator) and the other end into a dead outlet (in a house with no power) allows power to be injected from the live outlet into the dead one.
SUICIDE CABLES, noun. Plural of suicide cable
SUICIDE DOOR, noun. (slang) A car door hinged towards the rear of the vehicle.
SUICIDE DOORS, noun. Plural of suicide door
SUICIDE HEADACHE, noun. (informal) cluster headache
SUICIDE HEADACHES, noun. Plural of suicide headache
SUICIDE JOCKEY, noun. (slang) (US) A semi-trailer driver pulling a tanker trailer with gasoline or other explosive or hazardous substance.
SUICIDE KING, noun. (card games slang) a king of hearts in a deck of playing cards
SUICIDE KINGS, noun. Plural of suicide king
SUICIDE LANE, noun. (informal) A center lane of a bidirectional road, used by traffic proceeding in both directions, for example for passing or turning.
SUICIDE LANES, noun. Plural of suicide lane
SUICIDE NET, noun. A barrier of netting erected along the edge of a bridge or other tall structure to prevent people from committing suicide by leaping from it.
SUICIDE NETS, noun. Plural of suicide net
SUICIDE NOTE, noun. A message left by someone who later attempts or commits suicide, usually explaining the reason for the attempt.
SUICIDE NOTES, noun. Plural of suicide note
SUICIDE PACT, noun. An agreement between two or more people to commit suicide
SUICIDE PACTS, noun. Plural of suicide pact
SUICIDE PASS, noun. (ice hockey) a pass going up-ice where the passee must look behind towards the passer for the location of the puck, therefore being left unaware of opposition players further up-ice, allowing the passee to be checked from a blind spot
SUICIDE PASSES, noun. Plural of suicide pass
SUICIDE SQUEEZE, noun. (baseball) A risky play, usually with less than two outs, in which a runner on third base runs home during pitch delivery, expecting the batter to execute a sacrifice bunt, in order to score a run.
SUICIDE SQUEEZES, noun. Plural of suicide squeeze
SUICIDE SUNDAY, noun. (informal) (UK) (Cambridge University) The Sunday immediately after the end of the summer term (known as Easter Term), at which point all students have finished exams but most of the results have not been published.
SUICIDE TOURISM, noun. Travel for the purpose of committing suicide, as for example to a country where the terminally ill are permitted to die.
SUICIDE TOURIST, noun. One who takes part in suicide tourism.
SUICIDE TOURISTS, noun. Plural of suicide tourist
SUICIDE TREE, noun. Cerbera odollam, a tree native to India and other parts of Southern Asia, yielding a potent poison.
SUICIDE TREE, noun. Tachigali versicolor, a Central American tree that reproduces once before dying.
SUICIDE TREES, noun. Plural of suicide tree
SUICIDE TUESDAY, noun. (slang) The depressive period that typically occurs midweek, nominally on the Tuesday, following weekend (Friday or Saturday) use of party drugs such as ecstasy or crystal meth.
SUICIDE TUESDAYS, noun. Plural of suicide Tuesday
SUICIDE VEST, noun. A vest packed with explosives and armed with a detonator, worn by suicide bombers.
SUICIDE VESTS, noun. Plural of suicide vest
SUICIDE VICTIM, noun. A person who has committed suicide.
SUICIDE VICTIMS, noun. Plural of suicide victim
SUICIDE WATCH, noun. A period of monitoring of someone, especially a prisoner deemed likely to commit suicide, to ensure they do not commit suicide.

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SUICIDE, noun. The act of killing yourself; "it is a crime to commit suicide".
SUICIDE, noun. A person who kills himself intentionally.

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