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EAR, noun. (countable) The organ of hearing, consisting of the pinna, auditory canal, eardrum, malleus, incus, stapes and cochlea.
EAR, noun. (countable) The external part of the organ of hearing, the auricle.
EAR, noun. (countable) (slang) A police informant.
EAR, noun. The sense of hearing; the perception of sounds; the power of discriminating between different tones.
EAR, noun. The privilege of being kindly heard; favour; attention.
EAR, noun. That which resembles in shape or position the ear of an animal; a prominence or projection on an object, usually for support or attachment; a lug; a handle.
EAR, noun. (architecture) An acroterium.
EAR, noun. (architecture) A crossette.
EAR, verb. (humorous) To take in with the ears; to hear.
EAR, noun. (countable) The fruiting body of a grain plant.
EAR, verb. (intransitive) To put forth ears in growing; to form ears, as grain does.
EAR, verb. (archaic) To plough.
EAR BUD, noun. An immature ear of maize from which the threadlike silks emerge.
EAR BUD, noun. An underdeveloped mammalian ear.
EAR BUD, noun. A small earphone designed for use with portable sound systems.
EAR BUDS, noun. Plural of ear bud
EAR CANAL, noun. (anatomy) The tube or meatus running from the outer ear to the eardrum through which sound enters.
EAR CANALS, noun. Plural of ear canal
EAR CANDLE, noun. (alternative medicine) A hollow candle used in certain alternative medicine practices to assist the natural clearing of earwax.
EAR CANDLES, noun. Plural of ear candle
EAR CANDLING, noun. (alternative medicine) An alternative medicine practice to assist the natural clearing of earwax from a person's ear by lighting one end of a hollow candle and placing the other end in the ear canal; via ear candle.
EAR CANDY, noun. (US) (music) light popular music that has an instant appeal but no lasting impact or significance
EAR COCKLE, noun. Alternative spelling of earcockle
EAR DAGGER, noun. A medieval dagger with a distinctive ear-shaped pommel
EAR DAGGERS, noun. Plural of ear dagger
EAR DROPS, noun. A liquid medical product in a small bottle, which can be inserted into the ear using a dropper (usually provided). See also eardrop.
EAR DRUM, noun. Alternative form of eardrum
EAR DRUMS, noun. Plural of ear drum
EAR FINGER, noun. The little finger
EAR FINGERS, noun. Plural of ear finger
EAR LOBE, noun. The lower, exterior, fleshy, bulbous part of the human ear.
EAR LOBES, noun. Plural of ear lobe
EAR ROCKS, noun. (medical) (informal) otoliths
EAR SHELL, noun. The abalone or its shell.
EAR SHELLS, noun. Plural of ear shell
EAR TO THE GROUND, noun. (idiomatic) The practice or characteristic of carefully gathering information; a state or mindset of attentiveness.
EAR TO THE GROUND, noun. (attributively) (usually hyphenated) Pursuing the practice or having the characteristic of carefully gathering information; well-informed.
EAR TRUMPET, noun. A conical shape designed to channel sound to the apex, which was placed in the ear, to serve as a hearing aid.
EAR TRUMPETS, noun. Plural of ear trumpet
EAR TUFT, noun. (biology) In birds, a skin projection covered in feathers appearing on the sides of the head, near the ears.
EAR TUFTS, noun. Plural of ear tuft
EAR TUNNEL, noun. A part of the ear.
EAR TUNNEL, noun. (idiomatic) A piece of jewelry that fits into a stretched earlobe hole and makes it seem like a peephole and makes it see-through.
EAR WAX, noun. Alternative spelling of earwax

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EAR, noun. The sense organ for hearing and equilibrium.
EAR, noun. Good hearing; "he had a keen ear"; "a good ear for pitch".
EAR, noun. The externally visible cartilaginous structure of the external ear.
EAR, noun. Attention to what is said; "he tried to get her ear".
EAR, noun. Fruiting spike of a cereal plant especially corn.

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