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CADENCE, noun. The act or state of declining or sinking.
CADENCE, noun. Balanced, rhythmic flow.
CADENCE, noun. The measure or beat of movement.
CADENCE, noun. The general inflection or modulation of the voice, or of any sound.
CADENCE, noun. (music) A progression of at least two chords which conclude a piece of music, section or musical phrases within it. Sometimes referred to analogously as musical punctuation.
CADENCE, noun. (music) A cadenza, or closing embellishment; a pause before the end of a strain, which the performer may fill with a flight of fancy.
CADENCE, noun. (speech) A fall in inflection of a speaker’s voice, such as at the end of a sentence.
CADENCE, noun. (dance) A dance move which ends a phrase.
CADENCE, noun. (fencing) The rhythm and sequence of a series of actions.
CADENCE, noun. (running) The number of steps per minute.
CADENCE, noun. (cycling) The number of revolutions per minute of the cranks or pedals of a bicycle.
CADENCE, noun. (military) A chant that is sung by military personnel while running or marching; a jody call.
CADENCE, noun. (heraldry) cadency
CADENCE, noun. (horse-riding) Harmony and proportion of movement, as in a well-managed horse.
CADENCE, verb. To give a cadence to.
CADENCE, verb. To give structure to.
CADENCE, proper noun. A female given name from the word cadence, taken to use in the 2000s.
CADENCE RAMPA, noun. (music) A genre of modern Haitian music, derived from méringue.

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CADENCE, noun. (prosody) the accent in a metrical foot of verse.
CADENCE, noun. The close of a musical section.
CADENCE, noun. A recurrent rhythmical series.

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