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BRIG, noun. (nautical) A two-masted vessel, square-rigged on both foremast and mainmast
BRIG, noun. (US) A jail or guardhouse, especially in a naval military prison or jail on a ship, navy base, or (in fiction) spacecraft.
BRIG, noun. (Scotland) bridge
BRIG, noun. Brigadier.
BRIG BRETACH, proper noun. (Irish mythology) In the Ulster Cycle of Irish mythology, the wife of Celtchar. Her husband Celtchar killed Blaí Briugu for sleeping with her as Blaí Briugu was required to do so by the latter's geas.

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BRIG, noun. Two-masted sailing vessel square-rigged on both masts.
BRIG, noun. A penal institution (especially on board a ship).

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