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LAUNCH, verb. (transitive) To throw, as a lance or dart; to hurl; to let fly; to send off, propel with force.
LAUNCH, verb. (transitive) (obsolete) To pierce with, or as with, a lance.
LAUNCH, verb. (transitive) To cause to move or slide from the land into the water; to set afloat.
LAUNCH, verb. (transitive) To send out; to start (one) on a career; to set going; to give a start to (something); to put in operation.
LAUNCH, verb. (intransitive) (often with out) To move with force and swiftness like a sliding from the stocks into the water; to plunge; to make a beginning.
LAUNCH, noun. The act of launching.
LAUNCH, noun. The movement of a vessel from land into the water; especially, the sliding on ways from the stocks on which it is built. (Compare: to splash a ship.)
LAUNCH, noun. (nautical) The boat of the largest size and/or of most importance belonging to a ship of war, and often called the "captain's boat" or "captain's launch".
LAUNCH, noun. (nautical) A boat used to convey guests to and from a yaucht.
LAUNCH, noun. (nautical) An open boat of any size powered by steam, naphtha, electricity, or the like. (Compare Spanish lancha.)
LAUNCH COMPLEX, noun. The facilities and support equipment needed to assemble, test and launch a rocket-powered vehicle
LAUNCH GAME, noun. (video games) A video game that has been made available to consumers simultaneously with its respective video game console.
LAUNCH GAMES, noun. Plural of launch game
LAUNCH LOOP, noun. A hypothetical maglev cable that would be capable of sending objects into orbit without needing a rocket.
LAUNCH LOOPS, noun. Plural of launch loop
LAUNCH PAD, noun. The surface or structure from which a launch is made.
LAUNCH PADS, noun. Plural of launch pad
LAUNCH PARTY, noun. An event to coincide with the commercial release of a product
LAUNCH VEHICLE, noun. A vehicle for transporting objects into space, usually a rocket.
LAUNCH WINDOW, noun. The period between the earliest and latest times during which a rocket or spacecraft may be launched in order to achieve its mission
LAUNCH WINDOWS, noun. Plural of launch window

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LAUNCH, noun. A motorboat with an open deck or a half deck.
LAUNCH, noun. The act of propelling with force.
LAUNCH, verb. Set up or found; "She set up a literacy program".
LAUNCH, verb. Propel with force; "launch the space shuttle"; "Launch a ship".
LAUNCH, verb. Launch for the first time; launch on a maiden voyage; "launch a ship".
LAUNCH, verb. Begin with vigor; "He launched into a long diatribe"; "She plunged into a dangerous adventure".
LAUNCH, verb. Get going; give impetus to; "launch a career"; "Her actions set in motion a complicated judicial process".
LAUNCH, verb. Smoothen the surface of; "launch plaster".

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