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YORKSHIRE, proper noun. England's largest county. Situated in the north-east England; divided into three ridings, (North, West and East, and The City Of York). Since 1974 for administration purposes local government has used different divisions.
YORKSHIRE, noun. (informal) Shorter name for Yorkshire pudding.
YORKSHIRE CAVIAR, noun. (jocular) mushy peas.
YORKSHIRE FOG, noun. A tall, perennial grass, Holcus lanatus, sometimes used as forage.
YORKSHIRE FOGS, noun. Plural of Yorkshire fog
YORKSHIRE GRIT, noun. (archaic) A kind of stone used for polishing marble, and copperplates for engravers.
YORKSHIRE PIE, noun. (UK) (historical) A very large, tall pie filled with mixed meats.
YORKSHIRE PIES, noun. Plural of Yorkshire pie
YORKSHIRE PIG, noun. A domestic pig of a breed originating in Yorkshire.
YORKSHIRE PUDDING, noun. A dish made from batter baked in fat, usually served as an accompaniment to roast beef but sometimes (in a larger form) served with other fillings or as a separate course.
YORKSHIRE PUDDINGS, noun. Plural of Yorkshire pudding
YORKSHIRE TERRIER, noun. A breed of toy dog having a long, glossy coat
YORKSHIRE TERRIERS, noun. Plural of Yorkshire Terrier

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YORKSHIRE, noun. A former large county in northern England; in 1974 it was divided into three smaller counties.

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