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TRANSIT, noun. The act of passing over, across, or through something.
TRANSIT, noun. The conveyance of people or goods from one place to another, especially on a public transportation system; the vehicles used for such conveyance.
TRANSIT, noun. (astronomy) The passage of a celestial body across the observer's meridian, or across the disk of a larger celestial body.
TRANSIT, noun. A surveying instrument rather like a theodolite that measures horizontal and vertical angles.
TRANSIT, noun. (navigation) an imaginary line between two objects whose positions are known. When the navigator sees one object directly in front of the other, the navigator knows that his position is on the transit.
TRANSIT, noun. (British) a Ford Transit van.
TRANSIT, noun. (Internet) to carry communications traffic to and from a customer or another network on a compensation basis as opposed to peerage in which the traffic to and from another network is carried on an equivalency basis or without charge.
TRANSIT, verb. To pass over, across or through something
TRANSIT, verb. To revolve an instrument about its horizontal axis so as to reverse its direction
TRANSIT, verb. (astronomy) (intransitive) To make a transit
TRANSIT LANE, noun. (AU) (NZ) a lane of freeway reserved for vehicles with a set minimum number of occupants.

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TRANSIT, noun. A surveying instrument for measuring horizontal and vertical angles, consisting of a small telescope mounted on a tripod.
TRANSIT, noun. A facility consisting of the means and equipment necessary for the movement of passengers or goods.
TRANSIT, noun. A journey usually by ship; "the outward passage took 10 days".
TRANSIT, verb. Make a passage or journey from one place to another; "The tourists moved through the town and bought up all the souvenirs;" "Some travelers pass through the desert".
TRANSIT, verb. Pass across (a sign or house of the zodiac) or pass across (the disk of a celestial body or the meridian of a place); "The comet will transit on September 11".
TRANSIT, verb. Revolve (the telescope of a surveying transit) about its horizontal transverse axis in order to reverse its direction.
TRANSIT, verb. Cause or enable to pass through; "The canal will transit hundreds of ships every day".

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