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BERMUDA, proper noun. An island group in the the North Atlantic Ocean, 580 nautical miles (1074 kilometers) east-southeast of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, held as an Overseas Territory by Britain
BERMUDA, proper noun. A pale, slightly blue shade of green
BERMUDA GRASS, noun. A perennial grass, of the genus Cynodon, native to Africa and Asia, used in warm areas of the world for pasture, lawn and making hay
BERMUDA GREEN, noun. A pale, slightly blue shade of green.
BERMUDA GREEN, adjective. Having Bermuda green as its color.
BERMUDA LILIES, noun. Plural of Bermuda lily
BERMUDA LILY, noun. Lilium longiflorum var. eximium, a variety of the Easter lily.
BERMUDA RIG, noun. (nautical) A sailing rig consisting of a single stayed mast with a fore-and-aft rigged mainsail on a boom and a jib or genoa on the forestay
BERMUDA SEAM, noun. (roofing) a metal panel profile featuring a step-down profile that runs perpendicular to the slope of the roof.
BERMUDA SHORTS, noun. (plurale tantum) A type of knee-high shorts.
BERMUDA TRIANGLE, proper noun. An area in the Atlantic Ocean where many ships and planes have disappeared under allegedly mysterious circumstances.
BERMUDA TRIANGLE, proper noun. By extension, any area where things mysteriously disappear.

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BERMUDA, noun. A group of islands in the Atlantic off the Carolina coast; British colony; a popular resort.

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