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OVERSEAS, adjective. Abroad.
OVERSEAS, adjective. (used with ethnicities, nationalities, or religious affiliations) Living (being resident) in a foreign country.
OVERSEAS, adjective. Across a sea.
OVERSEAS, adverb. Abroad.
OVERSEAS, adverb. Across a sea.
OVERSEAS CAP, noun. Side cap
OVERSEAS CHINESE, noun. A person or people of Chinese ethnicity, living in a non-Chinese country; a member of the ethnic Chinese expatriate or immigrant community; Huaqiao
OVERSEAS TERRITORY, noun. A country or smaller territory which politically is either an integral part of - or in some dependent (e.g. colonial) relationship with another state, but is geographically separated from that 'mother state' by the sea, without bordering it or its coastal waters
OVERSEAS TERRITORY, noun. (legal) A more specific status legally defined under a constitution for one or more of the above territories

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OVERSEAS, adverb. Beyond or across the sea; "He lived overseas for many years".
OVERSEAS, adverb. In a place across an ocean.
OVERSEAS, adjective. In a foreign country; "markets abroad"; "overseas markets".
OVERSEAS, adjective. Being or passing over or across the sea; "some overseas trade in grain arose".

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