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EXPANSION, noun. The act or process of expanding.
EXPANSION, noun. The fractional change in unit length per unit length per unit temperature change.
EXPANSION, noun. A new addition.
EXPANSION, noun. A product to be used with a previous product.
EXPANSION, noun. That which is expanded; expanse; extended surface.
EXPANSION, noun. (steam engines) The operation of steam in a cylinder after its communication with the boiler has been cut off, by which it continues to exert pressure upon the moving piston.
EXPANSION ADAPTER, noun. A piece of laboratory apparatus used to connect equipment having ground glass joints of different sizes
EXPANSION CLEAT, noun. (roofing) A cleat designed to accommodate thermal movement of metal roof panels.
EXPANSION COOLING, noun. (physics) The cooling of a gas as it undergoes adiabatic expansion
EXPANSION JOINT, noun. (construction) A structural separation between two building elements that allows free movement between the elements without damage to the system.
EXPANSION PACK, noun. (computing) A module that adds new content to an existing piece of software.
EXPANSION PACKS, noun. Plural of expansion pack
EXPANSION SLOT, noun. (computing) A slot for additional hardware, cards, etc. for the purpose of expanding a computer system.
EXPANSION SLOTS, noun. Plural of expansion slot

Dictionary definition

EXPANSION, noun. The act of increasing (something) in size or volume or quantity or scope.
EXPANSION, noun. A function expressed as a sum or product of terms; "the expansion of (a+b)^2 is a^2 + 2ab + b^2".
EXPANSION, noun. A discussion that provides additional information.
EXPANSION, noun. Adding information or detail.

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