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JAMAICA, proper noun. A particular country in the Caribbean.
JAMAICA, proper noun. The island comprising most of that country.
JAMAICA, proper noun. Jamaica Plain, Boston, a neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts.
JAMAICA, proper noun. Jamaica, Vermont, a town in Vermont.
JAMAICA, proper noun. Jamaica, Queens, a neighborhood in Queens, New York City.
JAMAICA, noun. Roselle
JAMAICA CHANNEL, proper noun. A strait between Jamaica and Hispaniola, in the Caribbean Sea.
JAMAICA GINGER, noun. A variety of ginger prepared in Jamaica from the best roots, which are deprived of their epidermis and dried separately.
JAMAICA PEPPER, noun. Allspice
JAMAICA ROSE, noun. A West Indian melastomaceous shrub (Blakea trinervia), with showy pink flowers.
JAMAICA ROSES, noun. Plural of Jamaica rose

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JAMAICA, noun. A country on the island of Jamaica; became independent of England in 1962; much poverty; the major industry is tourism.
JAMAICA, noun. An island in the West Indies to the south of Cuba and to the west of Haiti.

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