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PLANTER, noun. A box or pot for plants, usually large and standing on the floor.
PLANTER, noun. (historical) Any of the early English settlers, given the lands of the dispossessed Irish populace during the reign of Elizabeth I.
PLANTER, noun. A machine used for planting seeds.
PLANTER, noun. A person who plants seeds, either by hand or by machine.
PLANTER, noun. The owner of a plantation.
PLANTER BOX, noun. A flower box; an object that contains live flowers, usually affixed outside, just below a window.
PLANTER BOXES, noun. Plural of planter box

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PLANTER, noun. The owner or manager of a plantation.
PLANTER, noun. A worker who puts or sets seeds or seedlings into the ground.
PLANTER, noun. A decorative pot for house plants.

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