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PLOW, noun. (US) Alternative spelling of plough
PLOW, verb. (US) Alternative spelling of plough
PLOW BACK, verb. To reinvest profits into a business
PLOW INTO, verb. To crash into something.
PLOW MONDAY, noun. Alternative form of Plough Monday
PLOW ON, verb. (idiomatic) to continue to do a menial or tedious task.
PLOW STOP, noun. In roller skating, a method of stopping by bringing the back of the skates outwards, and the front inward, imitating a snowplow.
PLOW STOP, verb. (intransitive) In roller skating, to perform a plow stop.
PLOW THROUGH, verb. To persevere with an activity of consuming something, both literally and figuratively.
PLOW THROUGH, verb. To forcefully make a passage to move through.

Dictionary definition

PLOW, noun. A farm tool having one or more heavy blades to break the soil and cut a furrow prior to sowing.
PLOW, verb. To break and turn over earth especially with a plow; "Farmer Jones plowed his east field last week"; "turn the earth in the Spring".
PLOW, verb. Act on verbally or in some form of artistic expression; "This book deals with incest"; "The course covered all of Western Civilization"; "The new book treats the history of China".
PLOW, verb. Move in a way resembling that of a plow cutting into or going through the soil; "The ship plowed through the water".

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