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RICE, noun. (uncountable) Cereal plants, Oryza sativa of the grass family whose seeds are used as food.
RICE, noun. A specific variety of this plant.
RICE, noun. (uncountable) The seeds of this plant used as food.
RICE, verb. To squeeze through a ricer; to mash or make into rice-sized pieces.
RICE, verb. To throw rice at a person (usually at a wedding).
RICE, verb. To belittle a government emissary or similar on behalf of a more powerful militaristic state.
RICE, verb. To harvest wild rice Zinzania sp.
RICE, proper noun. A patronymic surname​ derived from given name Rhys.
RICE BALL, noun. A Japanese snack food made from white rice formed into a triangular or oval shape, usually with a filling.
RICE BALLS, noun. Plural of rice ball
RICE BLAST, noun. A disease of rice caused by the fungus Magnaporthe grisea.
RICE BOWL, noun. A small bowl from which rice is eaten.
RICE BOWL, noun. A region that produces abundant rice.
RICE BOWL, noun. A person's livelihood or source of income.
RICE BOWL, noun. A jealously defended institutional resource such as a programme, project, or budget.
RICE BOWLS, noun. Plural of rice bowl
RICE BUBBLES, proper noun. (AU) (NZ) Rice Krispies
RICE BURNER, noun. (slang) (ethnic slur) (humorous) an ordinary motor car (especially a Japanese one) made to look fast or special by adding inappropriate extras
RICE BURNERS, noun. Plural of rice burner
RICE CAKE, noun. A food item made from puffed rice congealed in a wafer, usually circular and palm-sized.
RICE CAKES, noun. Plural of rice cake
RICE CAR, noun. Rice burner
RICE CHASER, noun. (pejorative) (ethnic slur) (idiomatic) A white person with a strong inclination and attraction toward Asian men or women.
RICE CHASERS, noun. Plural of rice chaser
RICE CONGEE, noun. A porridge made by cooking rice in water for a long time. Often referred to simply as congee.
RICE COOKER, noun. A kitchen appliance which is designed to cook rice, through either boiling or steaming it.
RICE COOKERS, noun. Plural of rice cooker
RICE CUTGRASS, noun. Leersia oryzoides
RICE FLOUR, noun. Flour made from rice
RICE GROWING, adjective. Rice-growing; which grows or is capable of growing rice.
RICE GROWING, noun. The growing of rice.
RICE KING, noun. (pejorative) A non-Asian man (usually white) who has a sexual fetish for Asian women.
RICE KING, noun. Someone closely associated with the business of rice.
RICE KRISPIE SQUARE, noun. A light snack consisting of Rice Krispies packed tightly together into a cube or cuboid by caramel or other sticky edible substances.
RICE KRISPIES, proper noun. A cereal manufactured by Kellogg Company that consists of puffed rice.
RICE MALT, noun. Lees, produced while sake brewing. it is often used in Japanese cuisine.
RICE MILK, noun. A milky liquid made from rice and used as a milk substitute, cooking ingredient or beverage.
RICE MILL, noun. A rice huller, a device for removing the outer husks of raw grains of rice.
RICE MILL, noun. A building housing and powering such a device.
RICE MILLS, noun. Plural of rice mill
RICE NOODLE, noun. A noodle made of rice (usually from rice flour)
RICE NOODLES, noun. Plural of rice noodle
RICE PADDIES, noun. Plural of rice paddy
RICE PADDY, noun. A paddy field where rice is grown
RICE PADDY HERB, noun. An herb in the family Plantaginaceae used in Southeast Asian cooking, Limnophila aromatica
RICE PADDY HERBS, noun. Plural of rice paddy herb
RICE PAPER, noun. A thin, fragile paper made from parts of the rice plant, used in artificial flowers and watercolour art.
RICE PAPER, noun. (loosely) Any similar paper made from a plant other than rice, such as bamboo or mulberry.
RICE PUDDING, noun. (chiefly British) a milk pudding made from rice, milk, sugar and nutmeg
RICE PUDDINGS, noun. Plural of rice pudding
RICE QUEEN, noun. (idiomatic) (slang) (LGBT) A non-Asian man who is mostly attracted to East Asian men.
RICE RAT, noun. A New World rat of the genus Oryzomys, having an exceptionally long tail.
RICE RAT, noun. A rat of the species Oryzomys palustris, found in rice fields and grassy marshes of Mexico, Central America and the southern United States.
RICE RATS, noun. Plural of rice rat
RICE ROCKET, noun. (slang) (ethnic slur) (humorous) A Japanese high-performance sport motorcycle.
RICE ROCKETS, noun. Plural of rice rocket
RICE SHELL, noun. Any of numerous species of small white polished marine shells of the genus Olivella.
RICE SHELLS, noun. Plural of rice shell
RICE STICK, noun. A single stick of rice vermicelli.
RICE VINEGAR, noun. A type of vinegar made from fermented rice or rice wine, used in Chinese, Japanese and Korean cooking.
RICE VINEGARS, noun. Plural of rice vinegar
RICE WATER, noun. A weak gruel obtained by draining boiled rice in water until it dissolves.
RICE WEEVIL, noun. Sitophilus oryzae, a pest that attacks several crops, including wheat, rice, and maize.
RICE WEEVILS, noun. Plural of rice weevil
RICE WINE, noun. A sweet low alcohol wine brewed from steamed glutinous rice.
RICE WINES, noun. Plural of rice wine

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RICE, noun. Grains used as food either unpolished or more often polished.
RICE, noun. Annual or perennial rhizomatous marsh grasses; seed used for food; straw used for paper.
RICE, noun. English lyricist who frequently worked with Andrew Lloyd Webber (born in 1944).
RICE, noun. United States playwright (1892-1967).
RICE, verb. Sieve so that it becomes the consistency of rice; "rice the potatoes".

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