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GARLIC, noun. A plant, Allium sativum, related to the onion, having a pungent bulb much used in cooking.
GARLIC BREAD, noun. Bread made with garlic often served with pasta dishes.
GARLIC BREADS, noun. Plural of garlic bread
GARLIC CHEWER, noun. (slang) (derogatory) A French person.
GARLIC CHEWERS, noun. Plural of garlic chewer
GARLIC CHIVE, noun. A plant which has long, thin, white-flowering stalks, related to chives.
GARLIC CHIVE, noun. (in plural garlic chives) The garlic-flavoured leaves of this plant used as a vegetable in cooking.
GARLIC CHIVES, noun. Plural of garlic chive
GARLIC MUSTARD, noun. A woodland plant, Alliaria petiolata, that has a garlic-like aroma
GARLIC MUSTARDS, noun. Plural of garlic mustard
GARLIC PEAR, noun. The fruit of a Jamaican tree (Crataeva gynandra), having a strong scent of garlic and a burning taste.
GARLIC PRESS, noun. A utensil used to crush garlic
GARLIC PRESSES, noun. Plural of garlic press
GARLIC VINE, noun. Any of a number of vines in the family Bignoniaceae with foliage that smells like garlic when crushed, especially:
GARLIC VINE, noun. Bignonia aequinoctialis
GARLIC VINE, noun. Mansoa alliacea
GARLIC VINE, noun. Mansoa hymenaea
GARLIC VINES, noun. Plural of garlic vine

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GARLIC, noun. Bulbous herb of southern Europe widely naturalized; bulb breaks up into separate strong-flavored cloves.
GARLIC, noun. Aromatic bulb used as seasoning.

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