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CURRY, noun. One of a family of dishes originating from South Asian cuisine, flavoured by a spiced sauce that consists of curry powder or curry leaves.
CURRY, noun. A spiced sauce or relish, especially one flavoured with curry powder.
CURRY, noun. Curry powder
CURRY, verb. (transitive) To cook or season with curry powder.
CURRY, verb. (transitive) To groom (a horse); to dress or rub down a horse with a curry comb.
CURRY, verb. (transitive) To dress (leather) after it is tanned by beating, rubbing, scraping and colouring.
CURRY, verb. (transitive) To beat, thrash; to drub.
CURRY, verb. (transitive) To try to win or gain (favour) by flattering.
CURRY, verb. (transitive) (computing) To perform currying upon.
CURRY, verb. (intransitive) (obsolete) To scurry; to ride or run hastily.
CURRY, verb. (transitive) (obsolete) To cover (a distance); (of a projectile) to traverse (its range).
CURRY, verb. (transitive) (obsolete) To hurry.
CURRY, proper noun. A family name of Irish origin, from Ó Comhraidhe
CURRY CODE, noun. (computing) In functional programming, a form of programming in which a function can take a dynamic number of arguments.
CURRY COMB, noun. A flat comb used to brush down a horse.
CURRY FAVOR, verb. (idiomatic) To seek to gain favor by flattery or attention.
CURRY FAVOUR, verb. (British) (Canada) Alternative spelling of curry favor
CURRY HOUSE, noun. (British) an Indian, Pakistani or Bangladeshi restaurant
CURRY HOUSES, noun. Plural of curry house
CURRY KETCHUP, noun. A variant of ketchup to which curry and other spices have been added, the basis of the dish currywurst.
CURRY LEAF, noun. The leaf of the curry tree, Murraya koenigii, which is used in Indian and Thai cooking (but not in curry powder)
CURRY MILE, proper noun. (UK) (informal) The part of Wilmslow Road running through the centre of Rusholme in south Manchester, England, known for its large number of restaurants specialising in South Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine.
CURRY PASTE, noun. A moist blend of vegetables and spices ground together and used as a base for curry, especially in the style of Thai cuisine.
CURRY PASTES, noun. Plural of curry paste
CURRY POWDER, noun. A mixture of spices, usually including turmeric, commonly used in Asian cooking.
CURRY POWDERS, noun. Plural of curry powder
CURRY TREE, noun. A tree related to citrus that is native to South Asia and is used for flavoring in the local cuisines, Murraya koenigii
CURRY TREES, noun. Plural of curry tree

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CURRY, noun. (East Indian cookery) a pungent dish of vegetables or meats flavored with curry powder and usually eaten with rice.
CURRY, verb. Season with a mixture of spices; typical of Indian cooking.
CURRY, verb. Treat by incorporating fat; "curry tanned leather".
CURRY, verb. Give a neat appearance to; "groom the dogs"; "dress the horses".

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