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PIE, noun. A type of pastry that consists of an outer crust and a filling.
PIE, noun. Any of various other, non-pastry dishes that maintain the general concept of a shell with a filling.
PIE, noun. (Northeastern US) Pizza.
PIE, noun. (figuratively) The whole of a wealth or resource, to be divided in parts.
PIE, noun. (letterpress) A disorderly mess of spilt type.
PIE, noun. (cricket) An especially badly bowled ball.
PIE, noun. (pejorative) a gluttonous person.
PIE, noun. A pie chart.
PIE, noun. (slang) The vulva.
PIE, verb. (transitive) To hit in the face with a pie, either for comic effect or as a means of protest (see also pieing).
PIE, verb. (transitive) To go around (a corner) in a guarded manner.
PIE, noun. (obsolete) Magpie.
PIE, noun. (historical) The smallest unit of currency in South Asia, equivalent to 1/192 of a rupee or 1/12 of an anna.
PIE, proper noun. Initialism of Proto-Indo-European.
PIE BIRD, noun. A hollow ceramic device shaped like an upstretched bird with open beak, used for supporting or venting a pie.
PIE BIRDS, noun. Plural of pie bird
PIE CART, noun. (AU) A form of trailer or caravan (originally a horse-drawn cart) with an elongated window along the side from which pies are sold.
PIE CARTS, noun. Plural of pie cart
PIE CHART, noun. A pictorial graph in the shape of a circle, with segments representing related proportions
PIE CHARTS, noun. Plural of pie chart
PIE FLOATER, noun. A meat pie served floating in a bowl of thick green pea soup.
PIE FLOATERS, noun. Plural of pie floater
PIE GRAPH, noun. Pie chart
PIE HOLE, noun. Alternative spelling of piehole
PIE IN THE SKY, noun. A fanciful notion; an unrealistic or ludicrous concept; the illusory promise of a desired outcome that is unlikely to happen.
PIE MENU, noun. (computing) (graphical user interface) A circular context menu, resembling a pie chart, whose slices represent commands, each equidistant from the centre of the menu.
PIE MENUS, noun. Plural of pie menu
PIE PAN, noun. (cookware) A pan for holding and shaping the dough and filling of a pie, made of a heat-conducting metal, glass or other ceramic, and (more recently) silicone.
PIE PANS, noun. Plural of pie pan
PIE SAFE, noun. A piece of furniture for storing pies or other foods not needing immediate refrigeration.
PIE SAFE, noun. A cabinet or other piece of (usually freestanding) furniture made similar to or in imitation of a pie safe.
PIE SAFES, noun. Plural of pie safe
PIE SERVER, noun. Cake slice
PIE SUPPER, noun. A social gathering where pies are auctioned to raise money for a local cause. Pie suppers are mainly associated with Ozark culture.
PIE SUPPERS, noun. Plural of pie supper

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PIE, noun. Dish baked in pastry-lined pan often with a pastry top.
PIE, noun. A prehistoric unrecorded language that was the ancestor of all Indo-European languages.

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