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SLAVE, noun. A person who is the property of another person and whose labor and also whose life often is subject to the owner's volition.
SLAVE, noun. A person who is legally obliged by prior contract (oral or written) to work for another, with contractually limited rights to bargain; an indentured servant.
SLAVE, noun. One who has lost the power of resistance; one who surrenders to something.
SLAVE, noun. A drudge; one who labours like a slave.
SLAVE, noun. An abject person; a wretch.
SLAVE, noun. A person who is forced against his/her will to perform, for another person or other persons, sexual acts or other personal services on a regular or continuing basis.
SLAVE, noun. (engineering) A device that is controlled by another device.
SLAVE, verb. (intransitive) To work hard.
SLAVE, verb. (transitive) To enslave.
SLAVE, verb. (transitive) To place a device under the control of another.
SLAVÉ, proper noun. Alternative form of Slavey
SLAVE ANT, noun. Any of various species of ants which are captured and enslaved by another species, especially Formica fusca of Europe and America, which is commonly enslaved by Formica sanguinea.
SLAVE AWAY, verb. (intransitive) To work very hard.
SLAVE BREAKER, noun. A person who specializes in destroying the wills of unruly slaves. Most often used in the context of the antebellum American South.
SLAVE BREAKERS, noun. Plural of slave breaker
SLAVE CAMP, noun. A place where slaves are forced to work
SLAVE COAST, proper noun. The coastal areas of present-day Togo, Benin, and western Nigeria, once an important export centre for the Atlantic slave trade.
SLAVE CODE, noun. (US) Any of several laws that regulated slavery
SLAVE CODES, noun. Plural of slave code
SLAVE DRIVER, noun. An overseer of slaves at work.
SLAVE DRIVER, noun. An employer who demands excessive work from the employee.
SLAVE DYNASTY, proper noun. A dynasty in 13th-century India, founded by a Turkish ex-slave.
SLAVE LABOR, noun. Alternative form of slave labour
SLAVE LABOUR, noun. Using slaves to do work
SLAVE LABOUR, noun. (figuratively) The employment of workers for meagre pay to do tedious tasks.
SLAVE TO FASHION, noun. (idiomatic) A person who is particularly concerned that his or her clothing and physical appearance conform to the current, accepted style.
SLAVE TRADE, noun. Traffic in slaves

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SLAVE, noun. A person who is owned by someone.
SLAVE, noun. Someone who works as hard as a slave.
SLAVE, noun. Someone entirely dominated by some influence or person; "a slave to fashion"; "a slave to cocaine"; "his mother was his abject slave".
SLAVE, verb. Work very hard, like a slave.

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