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TRADING, verb. Present participle of trade
TRADING, adjective. Carrying on trade or commerce; engaged in trade.
TRADING, adjective. (obsolete) (rare) Frequented by traders.
TRADING, adjective. (obsolete) venal; corrupt; jobbing
TRADING, noun. The carrying on of trade.
TRADING CARD, noun. A collectible card included with tobacco, food or confectionery products and featuring sports, cars, natural history, film characters or other information of interest to purchasers.
TRADING CARDS, noun. Plural of trading card
TRADING FLOOR, noun. (business) (finance) An indoor space in which exchanges of standardized goods such as securities are completed.
TRADING IN, verb. Present participle of trade in
TRADING PARTNER, noun. A country that another country does business with, usually on a regular basis.
TRADING PARTNERS, noun. Plural of trading partner
TRADING PIT, noun. (business) (finance) An area on a trading floor that is a focus for trading certain items, often specially furnished with equipment or taking the shape of a small amphitheatre.
TRADING POST, noun. A place where trading of goods takes place.
TRADING POSTS, noun. Plural of trading post
TRADING STAMP, noun. A small paper coupon, given by a retailer to a customer; they may be saved up and redeemed for goods

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TRADING, noun. Buying or selling securities or commodities.

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