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RUNAWAY, noun. A person or animal that runs away or has run away; a person, animal, or organization that escapes limitations.
RUNAWAY, noun. A train that is out of control.
RUNAWAY, noun. (usually attributive) An object or process that is out of control or out of equilibrium.
RUNAWAY, noun. The act of running away, especially of a horse or teams.
RUNAWAY, noun. An overwhelming victory.
RUNAWAY BRIDE, noun. A bride-to-be who runs away from a wedding shortly before the ceremony, often due to so-called cold feet.

Dictionary definition

RUNAWAY, noun. An easy victory.
RUNAWAY, noun. Someone who flees from an uncongenial situation; "fugitives from the sweatshops".
RUNAWAY, adjective. Completely out of control; "runaway inflation".

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