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MOLLY, noun. (now chiefly Ireland) A woman or girl, especially of low status.
MOLLY, noun. (slang) An effeminate male, a male homosexual.
MOLLY, noun. (slang) Pure MDMA powder.
MOLLY, noun. A fish of the genus Poecilia.
MOLLY, noun. A mollemoke.
MOLLY, noun. A female cat; a she-cat.
MOLLY, noun. A molly bolt.
MOLLY, proper noun. A female given name
MOLLY, proper noun. An English and Irish pet name for Mary, or occasionally Margaret
MOLLY, noun. (North America) The crystalline or powdered form of MDMA.
MOLLY, noun. (historical) A Molly Maguire.
MOLLY BOLT, noun. A specialized screw fastener used with drywall as a hollow-wall anchor.
MOLLY BOLTS, noun. Plural of molly bolt
MOLLY HOUSE, noun. (UK) (archaic) A tavern or private room where homosexuals and cross-dressers could meet for sexual encounters.
MOLLY MAGUIRE, noun. Any of the members of an Irish-American secret society, mostly coal miners.
MOLLY MAGUIRES, noun. Plural of Molly Maguire

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MOLLY, noun. Popular aquarium fish.

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