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UNICORN, noun. (Discuss([/2016/?action=edit&section=new&preloadtitle=%5B%5BUnicorn%5D%5D +]) this sense)A mythical beast resembling a horse with a single, straight, spiraled horn projecting from its forehead.
UNICORN, noun. A heraldic representation of such a beast used as a charge or as a supporter; as in the arms of Great Britain and of Scotland.
UNICORN, noun. (historical) In various Bible translations, used to render the Latin unicornis or rhinoceros (representing Hebrew רְאֵם); a reem or wild ox.
UNICORN, noun. Any large beetle having a horn-like prominence on the head or prothorax.
UNICORN, noun. The larva of a unicorn moth.
UNICORN, noun. The kamichi, or unicorn bird.
UNICORN, noun. (military) A howitzer.
UNICORN, noun. (finance) A startup company whose valuation has exceeded one billion U.S. dollars.
UNICORN BAIT, noun. (slang) (humorous) A virgin.
UNICORN BIRD, noun. Kamichi
UNICORN BIRDS, noun. Plural of unicorn bird
UNICORN PLANT, noun. Any of certain species of the flowering plant genus Proboscidea.
UNICORN ROOT, noun. A flowering plant of the genus Aletris.

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UNICORN, noun. An imaginary creature represented as a white horse with a long horn growing from its forehead.

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