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CREATURE, noun. (now rare) A created thing, whether animate or inanimate; a creation.
CREATURE, noun. A living being; an animal or human.
CREATURE, noun. A being subservient to or dependent upon another.
CREÄTURE, noun. (archaic) (chiefly literary and philosophy) Alternative spelling of creature
CREATURE COMFORT, noun. (idiomatic) Any small item or detail that makes a person comfortable and at home.
CREATURE COMFORTS, noun. Plural of creature comfort
CREATURE FEATURE, noun. (idiomatic) (film) (humorous) A horror film in which one or more monsters plays a prominent role.
CREATURE FEATURES, noun. Plural of creature feature
CREATURE OF HABIT, noun. One who is prone to routine.

Dictionary definition

CREATURE, noun. A living organism characterized by voluntary movement.
CREATURE, noun. A human being; `wight' is an archaic term.
CREATURE, noun. A person who is controlled by others and is used to perform unpleasant or dishonest tasks for someone else.

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