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REVOLT, verb. To rebel, particularly against authority.
REVOLT, verb. To repel greatly.
REVOLT, verb. To cause to turn back; to roll or drive back; to put to flight.
REVOLT, verb. (intransitive) To be disgusted, shocked, or grossly offended; hence, to feel nausea; used with at.
REVOLT, verb. To turn away; to abandon or reject something; specifically, to turn away, or shrink, with abhorrence.
REVOLT, noun. An act of revolt

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REVOLT, noun. Organized opposition to authority; a conflict in which one faction tries to wrest control from another.
REVOLT, verb. Make revolution; "The people revolted when bread prices tripled again".
REVOLT, verb. Fill with distaste; "This spoilt food disgusts me".
REVOLT, verb. Cause aversion in; offend the moral sense of; "The pornographic pictures sickened us".

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