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MOTEL, noun. A lodging establishment typically featuring a series of rooms whose entrance is immediately adjacent to a parking lot, as might facilitate easy access to one's automobile during an overnight stay, particularly located near a major highway.
MOTEL, noun. (as a modifier; used attributively) Of architecture, interior design, etc, in the style of a motel; identical and anonymous.
MOTEL, adjective. Any of several architectural or interior design styles associated with motels, such as "identicalness", "anonymity", or any other perceived attribute of motels, particularly as differentiated from hotels.
MOTEL, adjective. Characterized by an anonymous, temporary nature, as motel sex.
MOTEL, adjective. Property owned by a motel, as "motel towel", "motel ashtray", possibly imprinted or embroidered with the name of the establishment, frequently appropriated by tourists as a souvenir.

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MOTEL, noun. A motor hotel.

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