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CACTUS, noun. (botany) Any member of the family Cactaceae, a family of flowering New World succulent plants suited to a hot, semi-desert climate.
CACTUS, noun. Any succulent plant with a thick fleshy stem bearing spines but no leaves, including euphorbs.
CACTUS, adjective. (Australia) (NZ) (slang) Non-functional, broken, exhausted.
CACTUS, proper noun. (archaic) A taxonomic genus within the family Cactaceae   — original Linnean genus of cactus, rejected in 1905.
CACTUS, proper noun. A city in Texas.
CACTUS, proper noun. An unincorporated community in California.
CACTUS CAT, noun. A bobcat-like creature in North American folklore, said to be covered in spines like a porcupine and to slash cacti at night to release their juices.
CACTUS CATS, noun. Plural of cactus cat
CACTUS LEAGUE, noun. (baseball) The set of Major League Baseball teams which play spring training games in Arizona.
CACTUS WREN, noun. Campylorhynchus brunneicapillus, a wren that is native to the southwestern United States southwards to central Mexico.
CACTUS WRENS, noun. Plural of cactus wren

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CACTUS, noun. Any succulent plant of the family Cactaceae native chiefly to arid regions of the New World and usually having spines.

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