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THORN, noun. A sharp protective spine of a plant.
THORN, noun. Any shrub or small tree that bears thorns.
THORN, noun. (figurative) That which pricks or annoys; anything troublesome.
THORN, noun. A letter of the Latin alphabet (capital: Þ, small: þ), borrowed by Old English from the futhark to represent a dental fricative, then not distinguished from eth, but in modern use (in Icelandic and other languages, but no longer in English) used only for the voiceless dental fricative found in English thigh
THORN, verb. To pierce with, or as if with, a thorn
THORN, proper noun. A topographic surname​ for someone living near a thorn bush.
THORN APPLE, noun. The annual plant Datura stramonium, having white flowers and prickly capsules.
THORN IN SOMEONE'S SIDE, noun. (idiomatic) A persistent annoyance.
THORN IN THE FLESH, noun. (idiomatic) A persistent difficulty or something very annoying that will not go away.

Dictionary definition

THORN, noun. Something that causes irritation and annoyance; "he's a thorn in my flesh".
THORN, noun. A small sharp-pointed tip resembling a spike on a stem or leaf.
THORN, noun. A Germanic character of runic origin.

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