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SCOURGE, noun. (uncountable) A source of persistent trouble such as pestilence that causes pain and suffering or widespread destruction.
SCOURGE, noun. A means to inflict such pain or destruction.
SCOURGE, noun. A whip, often of leather.
SCOURGE, verb. To strike with a scourge, to flog.

Dictionary definition

SCOURGE, noun. A whip used to inflict punishment (often used for pedantic humor).
SCOURGE, noun. Something causing misery or death; "the bane of my life".
SCOURGE, noun. A person who inspires fear or dread; "he was the terror of the neighborhood".
SCOURGE, verb. Punish severely; excoriate.
SCOURGE, verb. Whip; "The religious fanatics flagellated themselves".
SCOURGE, verb. Cause extensive destruction or ruin utterly; "The enemy lay waste to the countryside after the invasion".

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