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ROSE, noun. A shrub of the genus Rosa, with red, pink, white or yellow flowers.
ROSE, noun. A flower of the rose plant.
ROSE, noun. A plant or species in the rose family. (Rosaceae)
ROSE, noun. Something resembling a rose flower.
ROSE, noun. (heraldiccharge) The rose flower, usually depicted with five petals, five barbs, and a circular seed.
ROSE, noun. A purplish-red or pink colour, the colour of some rose flowers.
ROSE, noun. A round nozzle for a sprinkling can or hose.
ROSE, noun. The base of a light socket.
ROSE, noun. (mathematics) Any of various flower-like polar graphs of sinusoids or their squares.
ROSE, noun. (mathematics) (graph theory) A graph with only one vertex.
ROSE, verb. (poetic) (transitive) To make rose-coloured; to redden or flush.
ROSE, verb. (poetic) (transitive) To perfume, as with roses.
ROSE, adjective. Having a purplish-red or pink colour. See rosy.
ROSE, verb. Simple past tense of rise
ROSE, noun. Alternative spelling of rosé
ROSE, proper noun. A female given name.
ROSE, proper noun. A surname​.
ROSE, noun. (Ireland) (informal) A regional contestant in the annual Rose of Tralee contest.
ROSE, noun. (Ireland) (informal) The winner of that year's contest.
ROSÉ, noun. A pale pink wine made by removing the dark grape skins at the required point during fermentation.
ROSE APHID, noun. Macrosiphum rosae, an aphid that infests rosebushes.
ROSE APHIDS, noun. Plural of rose aphid
ROSE APPLE, noun. Angophora costata, a common woodland and forest tree of Eastern Australia.
ROSE APPLE, noun. Any of various Syzygium species, especially:
ROSE APPLE, noun. Syzygium aqueum, the watery rose apple.
ROSE APPLE, noun. Syzygium jambos, the jambul.
ROSE APPLE, noun. Syzygium malaccense, the Malay rose apple.
ROSE APPLE, noun. Syzygium samarangense, the Java rose apple.
ROSE APPLES, noun. Plural of rose apple
ROSE BENGAL, noun. 4,5,6,7-tetrachloro-2',4',5',7'-tetraiodofluorescein, a stain whose sodium salt is commonly used in eyedrops to stain damaged cells and thereby identify damage.
ROSE BETWEEN TWO THORNS, noun. (jocular) A woman situated between two men.
ROSE BURNER, noun. A common type of gas burner in which the shape of the flame resembles a rosette.
ROSE CAMPHOR, noun. A solid odourless substance which separates from rose oil.
ROSE CHAFER, noun. A metallic-green beetle, Cetonia aurata, with a distinct V-shaped scutellum, found over central and southern Europe.
ROSE CHAFER, noun. A tan-colored beetle, Macrodactylus subspinosus, found in North America.
ROSE CHAFERS, noun. Plural of rose chafer
ROSE COLD, noun. A variety of hay fever, sometimes attributed to the inhalation of the effluvia of roses.
ROSE CROIX, proper noun. Rosicrucianism
ROSE CROIX, proper noun. Scottish Rite
ROSE CURVE, noun. (mathematics) any plane curve that consists of loops (petals) emanating from a central point
ROSE DIAMOND, noun. A diamond entirely covered with facets on the surface, and flat below, distinguished from a brilliant.
ROSE DIAMONDS, noun. Plural of rose diamond
ROSE EAR, noun. A dog's ear that folds backward and shows part of the inside.
ROSE ENGINE, noun. A machine, or an appendage to a turning lathe, by which a surface or wood, metal, etc., is engraved with a variety of curved lines.
ROSE FEVER, noun. Rose cold
ROSE FISH, noun. A food fish that lives off the North Atlantic coasts of Europe and North America, Sebastes norvegicus.
ROSE GARDEN, noun. (literally) A garden devoted primarily to roses.
ROSE GARDEN, noun. (idiomatic) A highly desirable situation.
ROSE GARDENS, noun. Plural of rose garden
ROSE GERANIUM, noun. Any of several flowering plants, of the genus Pelargonium, having leaves with a rose scent, some of which are inportant sources of rosewater and of rose fragrances; especially Pelargonium graveolens and Pelargonium capitata.
ROSE GERANIUMS, noun. Plural of rose geranium
ROSE GOLD, noun. A gold-copper alloy used in jewelry for its reddish color.
ROSE GOLDS, noun. Plural of rose gold
ROSE GUM, noun. Any of various eucalypts having rose-coloured bark or wood, especially Eucalyptus grandis.
ROSE HIP, noun. Alternative form of rosehip
ROSE HIPS, noun. Plural of rose hip
ROSE MADDER, noun. A rich tint prepared from lac and madder precipitated on an earthy base.
ROSE NAIL, noun. A nail with a convex, faceted head.
ROSE NOBLE, noun. An ancient English gold coin, stamped with the figure of a rose, first struck in the reign of Edward III.
ROSE OF SHARON, noun. (Bible) A flower of uncertain kind: perhaps Pancratium maritimum, which grows on the Sharon Plain of the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.
ROSE OF SHARON, noun. Hypericum calycinum, an evergreen flowering shrub native to southeast Europe and southwest Asia.
ROSE OF SHARON, noun. Hibiscus syriacus, a deciduous flowering shrub native to east Asia.
ROSE OF TRALEE, noun. (Ireland) (informal) An international festival of Irish culture held annually in County Kerry, formally known as the Rose of Tralee International Festival
ROSE OF TRALEE, noun. (Ireland) The winner of that year's contest.
ROSE OIL, noun. An essential oil extracted from the petals of various types of roses, used mainly for flavouring and perfumes.
ROSE OILS, noun. Plural of rose oil
ROSE PETAL, noun. The petal of a rose flower.
ROSE PETALS, noun. Plural of rose petal
ROSE QUARTZ, noun. A reddish colored type of quartz
ROSE RASH, noun. Roseola
ROSE ROBIN, noun. Petroica rosea, a small passerine bird native to Australia. The male has a distinctive pink breast.
ROSE ROBINS, noun. Plural of rose robin
ROSE SUNDAY, proper noun. Mid-Lent Sunday; the fourth Sunday of Lent, exactly three weeks before Easter Sunday
ROSE SUNDAY, proper noun. Mothering Sunday; a day in honor of mothers and/or one's mother church, especially in the United Kingdom and Ireland
ROSE TWISTED-STALK, noun. Streptopus lanceolatus, native to much of cooler North America.
ROSE UP, verb. Simple past tense of rise up
ROSE WATER, noun. The water-soluble portion of the distillate of rose petals.
ROSE WINDOW, noun. Any circular window, especially one of those found in churches of the Gothic architectural style and divided into segments by stone mullions and tracery.
ROSE WINDOWS, noun. Plural of rose window
ROSÉ WINE, noun. A pink coloured wine.
ROSÉ WINES, noun. Plural of rosé wine

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ROSE, noun. Any of many shrubs of the genus Rosa that bear roses.
ROSE, noun. Pinkish table wine from red grapes whose skins were removed after fermentation began.
ROSE, noun. A dusty pink color.
ROSE, adjective. Of something having a dusty purplish pink color; "the roseate glow of dawn".

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