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FERN, noun. Any of a group of some twenty thousand species of vascular plants classified in the division Pteridophyta that lack seeds and reproduce by shedding spores to initiate an alternation of generations.
FERN, proper noun. A female given name from the fern plant.
FERN PINE, noun. An evergreen tree or shrub native to Africa, with long and narrow leaves, Afrocarpus gracilior (formerly Podocarpus gracilior), widely grown for its attractive foliage.
FERN PINE, noun. Any plant now or formerly in the genus Podocarpus
FERN PINES, noun. Plural of fern pine
FERN SEED, noun. (botany) The asexual, dustlike spores of a fern which resemble seeds

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FERN, noun. Any of numerous flowerless and seedless vascular plants having true roots from a rhizome and fronds that uncurl upward; reproduce by spores.

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