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GULLY, noun. A trench, ravine or narrow channel which was worn by water flow, especially on a hillside.
GULLY, noun. A small valley.
GULLY, noun. (UK) A drop kerb.
GULLY, noun. A road drain.
GULLY, noun. (cricket) A fielding position on the off side about 30 degrees behind square, between the slips and point; a fielder in such a position
GULLY, noun. (UK) A grooved iron rail or tram plate.
GULLY, verb. (obsolete) To flow noisily.
GULLY, verb. (transitive) To wear away into a gully or gullies.
GULLY, noun. (Scotland) (northern UK) A large knife.
GULLY WASHER, noun. Alternative form of gullywasher
GULLY WASHERS, noun. Plural of gully washer

Dictionary definition

GULLY, noun. Deep ditch cut by running water (especially after a prolonged downpour).

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