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DIGGER, noun. A large piece of machinery that digs holes or trenches; an excavator.
DIGGER, noun. A tool for digging.
DIGGER, noun. A spade (playing card).
DIGGER, noun. One who digs.
DIGGER, noun. (Australia) (obsolete) A gold miner, one who digs for gold.
DIGGER, noun. (Australia) (dated) An informal nickname for a friend; used as a term of endearment.
DIGGER, noun. (Australia) (informal) An Australian soldier.
DIGGER, noun. A soldier from Australia or New Zealand.
DIGGER, noun. (historical) One of a group of Protestant English agrarian communists, begun by Gerrard Winstanley as "True Levellers" in 1649.
DIGGER, noun. (obsolete) (derogatory) One of a degraded tribe of California Native Americans who dug up roots for food.
DIGGER WASP, noun. Any of several solitary, predatory wasps, of the family Sphecidae, that nest in the soil
DIGGER WASPS, noun. Plural of digger wasp

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DIGGER, noun. A laborer who digs.
DIGGER, noun. A machine for excavating.

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