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BADGER, noun. A common name for any mammal of three subfamilies, which belong to the family Mustelidae: Melinae (Eurasian badgers), Mellivorinae (ratel or honey badger), and Taxideinae (American badger).
BADGER, noun. A native or resident of the American state, Wisconsin.
BADGER, noun. (obsolete) A brush made of badger hair.
BADGER, noun. (in the plural) (obsolete) (vulgar) (cant) A crew of desperate villains who robbed near rivers, into which they threw the bodies of those they murdered.
BADGER, verb. To pester, to annoy persistently.
BADGER, verb. (British) (informal) To pass gas; to fart.
BADGER, noun. (obsolete) An itinerant licensed dealer in commodities used for food; a hawker; a huckster; -- formerly applied especially to one who bought grain in one place and sold it in another.
BADGER, noun. A native or resident of the American state of Wisconsin.
BADGER DOG, noun. (dated) A dachshund.
BADGER DOGS, noun. Plural of badger dog
BADGER GAME, noun. An extortion scheme in which the victim is tricked into a compromising position (typically a sexual encounter) and then blackmailed.
BADGER GAMES, noun. Plural of badger game
BADGER STATE, proper noun. Wisconsin

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BADGER, noun. A native or resident of Wisconsin.
BADGER, noun. Sturdy carnivorous burrowing mammal with strong claws; widely distributed in the northern hemisphere.
BADGER, verb. Annoy persistently; "The children teased the boy because of his stammer".
BADGER, verb. Persuade through constant efforts.

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