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MOSS, noun. Any of various small, green, seedless plants growing on the ground or on the surfaces of trees, stones, etc.; now specifically, a plant of the division Bryophyta (formerly Musci).
MOSS, noun. (countable) A kind or species of such plants.
MOSS, noun. (informal) Any alga, lichen, bryophyte, or other plant of seemingly simple structure.
MOSS, noun. (now chiefly UK regional) A bog; a fen.
MOSS, verb. (intransitive) To become covered with moss.
MOSS, verb. (transitive) To cover (something) with moss.
MOSS, proper noun. A surname​.
MOSS, noun. (computing) Acronym of w:MIME Object Security Services.
MOSS, noun. (software) Acronym of w:Map Overlay and Statistical System.
MOSS, noun. (software) Acronym of w:Microsoft Office SharePoint Server.
MOSS, noun. (trading) Acronym of w:Market Oriented Sector Selective talks.
MOSS AGATE, noun. A variety of agate with brown, black, or green moss-like or dendritic markings, due in part to manganese oxide.
MOSS ANIMAL, noun. (zoology) (uncommon) A bryozoan.
MOSS FROG, noun. A group of tropical frogs in the Rhacophoridae family, mostly arboreal.
MOSS GREEN, noun. A dark green colour with a tint of yellow, like that of moss.
MOSS GREEN, noun. A pale greyish green color, like that of lichen.
MOSS GREEN, adjective. Of a dark green colour with a tint of yellow, like that of moss.
MOSS LAWN, noun. A lawn, or a portion of a lawn, that is covered with moss rather than with grass.
MOSS ROSE, noun. A rose plant having mossy growths on its sepals due to a genetic mutation first seen in centifolia roses.
MOSS ROSE, noun. The flower of such a rose.
MOSS ROSE, noun. A low-growing plant grown for its flowers, Portulaca grandiflora
MOSS ROSES, noun. Plural of moss rose
MOSS SAXIFRAGE, noun. Synonym of mossy saxifrage.
MOSS STITCH, noun. Seed stitch
MOSS STITCHES, noun. Plural of moss stitch

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MOSS, noun. Tiny leafy-stemmed flowerless plants.

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