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LODGE, noun. A building for recreational use such as a hunting lodge or a summer cabin.
LODGE, noun. Porter's or caretaker's rooms at or near the main entrance to a building or an estate.
LODGE, noun. A local chapter of some fraternities, such as freemasons.
LODGE, noun. (US) A local chapter of a trade union.
LODGE, noun. A rural hotel or resort, an inn.
LODGE, noun. A beaver's shelter constructed on a pond or lake.
LODGE, noun. A den or cave.
LODGE, noun. The chamber of an abbot, prior, or head of a college.
LODGE, noun. (mining) The space at the mouth of a level next to the shaft, widened to permit wagons to pass, or ore to be deposited for hoisting; called also platt.
LODGE, noun. A collection of objects lodged together.
LODGE, noun. A family of Native Americans, or the persons who usually occupy an Indian lodge; as a unit of enumeration, reckoned from four to six persons.
LODGE, verb. (intransitive) To be firmly fixed in a specified position.
LODGE, verb. (intransitive) To stay in a boarding-house, paying rent to the resident landlord or landlady.
LODGE, verb. (intransitive) To stay in any place or shelter.
LODGE, verb. (transitive) To supply with a room or place to sleep in for a time.
LODGE, verb. (transitive) To put money, jewellery, or other valuables for safety.
LODGE, verb. (transitive) To place (a statement, etc.) with the proper authorities (such as courts, etc.).
LODGE, verb. (intransitive) To become flattened, as grass or grain, when overgrown or beaten down by the wind.
LODGE POLE, noun. (US) A pole used to support the covering of traditional temporary structures in the American West.

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LODGE, noun. English physicist who studied electromagnetic radiation and was a pioneer of radiotelegraphy (1851-1940).
LODGE, noun. A formal association of people with similar interests; "he joined a golf club"; "they formed a small lunch society"; "men from the fraternal order will staff the soup kitchen today".
LODGE, noun. Small house at the entrance to the grounds of a country mansion; usually occupied by a gatekeeper or gardener.
LODGE, noun. A small (rustic) house used as a temporary shelter.
LODGE, noun. Any of various Native American dwellings.
LODGE, noun. A hotel providing overnight lodging for travelers.
LODGE, verb. Be a lodger; stay temporarily; "Where are you lodging in Paris?".
LODGE, verb. Put, fix, force, or implant; "lodge a bullet in the table"; "stick your thumb in the crack".
LODGE, verb. File a formal charge against; "The suspect was charged with murdering his wife".
LODGE, verb. Provide housing for; "We are lodging three foreign students this semester".

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