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PORTER, noun. A person who carries luggage and related objects.
PORTER, noun. (computing) One who ports software (converts it to another platform).
PORTER, noun. A person in control of the entrance to a building.
PORTER, noun. In the bowling industry, an employee who clears and cleans tables and puts bowling balls away.
PORTER, noun. A strong, dark ale, originally favored by porters, similar to a stout but less strong.
PORTER, noun. (Ireland) Stout (malt brew).
PORTER, verb. To serve as a porter, to carry.
PORTER, proper noun. A surname​.
PORTER, proper noun. A male given name

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PORTER, noun. A person employed to carry luggage and supplies.
PORTER, noun. Someone who guards an entrance.
PORTER, noun. United States writer of novels and short stories (1890-1980).
PORTER, noun. United States composer and lyricist of musical comedies (1891-1946).
PORTER, noun. United States writer of short stories whose pen name was O. Henry (1862-1910).
PORTER, noun. A railroad employee who assists passengers (especially on sleeping cars).
PORTER, noun. A very dark sweet ale brewed from roasted unmalted barley.
PORTER, verb. Carry luggage or supplies; "They portered the food up Mount Kilimanjaro for the tourists".

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