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KERN, noun. (obsolete or dialect) A corn; grain; kernel.
KERN, noun. (obsolete or dialect) The last handful or sheaf reaped at the harvest.
KERN, noun. (obsolete or dialect) The harvest home.
KERN, noun. (hot metal printing) (typography) any part of a letter which extends into the space used by another letter.
KERN, verb. (typography) (chiefly proportional font printing) To adjust the horizontal space between selected pairs of letters (characters or glyphs); to perform such adjustments to a portion of text, according to preset rules.
KERN, noun. (archaic or historical) A light-armed foot soldier of the ancient militia of Ireland and Scotland; in archaic contexts often used as a term of contempt.
KERN, noun. (obsolete) A boor; a low person.
KERN, noun. (obsolete) (UK) (legal) An idler; a vagabond.
KERN, noun. Alternative form of quern
KERN, noun. A churn.

Dictionary definition

KERN, noun. United States composer of musical comedies (1885-1945).
KERN, noun. The part of a metal typeface that projects beyond its body.
KERN, verb. Furnish with a kern.
KERN, verb. Remove a portion of space between (adjacent letters).

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