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ENERGY, noun. The impetus behind all motion and all activity.
ENERGY, noun. The capacity to do work.
ENERGY, noun. (physics) A quantity that denotes the ability to do work and is measured in a unit dimensioned in mass × distance²/time² (ML²/T²) or the equivalent.
ENERGY, noun. (New Age jargon) An intangible, modifiable force (often characterized as either 'positive' or 'negative') believed to emanate from a person, place or thing and which is (or can be) preserved and transferred in human interactions; shared mood or group habit; a vibe, a feeling, an impression.
ENERGY BAR, noun. A supplemental food in bar form, containing cereals or other high-energy foods.
ENERGY BAR, noun. (video games) A bar indicating the proportion of the player character's energy that still remains.
ENERGY BUBBLE, noun. According to certain New Age beliefs, the energy field of unique personality traits, emotions and thoughts that surrounds one's body.
ENERGY CARRIER, noun. A substance or phenomenon that can be used to produce mechanical work or heat or to operate chemical or physical processes (ISO 13600).
ENERGY CARRIERS, noun. Plural of energy carrier
ENERGY CRISIS, noun. An economic problem caused by a dwindling supply of energy, at an increasing price
ENERGY DRINK, noun. A highly caffeinated, sometimes carbonated, beverage containing added ingredients advertised as increasing alertness, performance etc.
ENERGY DRINKS, noun. Plural of energy drink
ENERGY EXPENDITURE, noun. The amount of energy, measured in calories, that a person uses (e.g. during a particular activity).
ENERGY FIELD, noun. (alternative medicine) The spiritual energy produced by an individual living being.
ENERGY FIELDS, noun. Plural of energy field
ENERGY LEVEL, noun. (physics) any of the discrete stable energies that a quantum mechanical system (such as the electrons of an atom) can have
ENERGY MEDICINE, noun. A branch of alternative medicine based on the belief that a healer can channel healing energy into a patient by various methods.
ENERGY METER, noun. A domestic electricity meter
ENERGY MINT, noun. A mint candy with extra ingredients designed to give the consumer a burst of energy.
ENERGY MINTS, noun. Plural of energy mint
ENERGY MIX, noun. The range of energy sources of a region, either renewable or non-renewable
ENERGY OBESITY, noun. A condition of excessive energy consumption, usually pertaining to large collectives of people such as nations. The symptoms may be expressed in the form of energy commodity price volatility, environmental degradation, energy trade induced geopolitical tension.
ENERGY POVERTY, noun. A condition of a region, or country, of not having enough available energy resources for the needs of the population.
ENERGY SHOT, noun. A small but highly concentrated energy drink that contains large amounts of caffeine and/or other stimulants.
ENERGY SHOTS, noun. Plural of energy shot
ENERGY SOURCE, noun. A source from which useful energy can be extracted or recovered either directly or by means of a conversion or transformation process (e.g. solid fuels, liquid fuels, solar energy, biomass, etc.)
ENERGY SOURCES, noun. Plural of energy source
ENERGY TRANSFER, noun. (physics) The conversion of one form of energy into another, or the movement of energy from one place to another.
ENERGY WEAPON, noun. A weapon that fires a beam or pulse of energy instead of a projectile.
ENERGY WEAPONS, noun. Plural of energy weapon

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ENERGY, noun. (physics) a thermodynamic quantity equivalent to the capacity of a physical system to do work; the units of energy are joules or ergs; "energy can take a wide variety of forms".
ENERGY, noun. Forceful exertion; "he plays tennis with great energy"; "he's full of zip".
ENERGY, noun. Enterprising or ambitious drive; "Europeans often laugh at American energy".
ENERGY, noun. An imaginative lively style (especially style of writing); "his writing conveys great energy"; "a remarkable muscularity of style".
ENERGY, noun. A healthy capacity for vigorous activity; "jogging works off my excess energy"; "he seemed full of vim and vigor".
ENERGY, noun. Any source of usable power; "the DOE is responsible for maintaining the energy policy".
ENERGY, noun. The federal department responsible for maintaining a national energy policy of the United States; created in 1977.

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