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SUSTAINABLE, adjective. Able to be sustained.
SUSTAINABLE, adjective. Able to be produced or sustained for an indefinite period without damaging the environment, or without depleting a resource; renewable.
SUSTAINABLE BUILDING, noun. A building designed to be ecologically correct by using resources efficiently, using internal recycling, renewable energy sources, recyclable or biodegradable construction materials, and blending in with the local environment, particularly in out-of-town locations. The aims are to reduce to a minimum the environmental impact, and to take human health factors into consideration.
SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, noun. (agriculture) (ecology) Development which seeks to produce sustainable economic growth while ensuring future generations' ability to do the same by not exceeding the regenerative capacity of nature.
SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENTS, noun. Plural of sustainable development
SUSTAINABLE TOURIST, noun. A person who travels to make a low impact on the local culture of another country. Also helping to generate employment for local people.

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SUSTAINABLE, adjective. Capable of being sustained.

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