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FLYING, adjective. That can fly.
FLYING, adjective. Brief or hurried.
FLYING, adjective. (nautical) (of a sail) Not secured by yards.
FLYING, verb. Present participle of fly
FLYING, noun. An act of flight.
FLYING ACE, noun. (dated) a military aviator who had shot down many enemy aircraft
FLYING ARMY, noun. A body of cavalry and infantry, kept in motion, to cover its own garrisons and to keep the enemy in continual alarm.
FLYING BISHOP, noun. (informal) an itinerant bishop of the Church of England appointed to administer within another's diocese to those who refuse to accept the ordination of women
FLYING BOAT, noun. A fixed-winged seaplane with a hull, capable of landing on water, but not on land.
FLYING BOMB, noun. Any early guided missile, but especially the V-1
FLYING BRICK, noun. (aviation) (colloquial) An aircraft which is too heavy and lacks sufficient power to be maneuvered easily.
FLYING BRICK, noun. (informal) (chiefly jocular) A fictional character who has superstrength, invulnerability and the ability to fly.
FLYING BRICKS, noun. Plural of flying brick
FLYING BRIDGE, noun. (nautical) A (usually open) area on top of, or at the side of, a ship's pilothouse, serving as an operating station for the officers in good weather or when manoeuvring in port.
FLYING BRIDGE, noun. (architecture) An overhead walkway built across a courtyard or atrium space within a building.
FLYING BRIDGE, noun. A temporary floating or suspended bridge or ferrying construction.
FLYING BRIDGES, noun. Plural of flying bridge
FLYING BUTTRESS, noun. (architecture) a buttress that stands apart from the structure that it supports, and is connected to it by an arch (flyer).
FLYING BUTTRESSES, noun. Plural of flying buttress
FLYING CARP, noun. A fish of the species Hypophthalmichthys molitrix, native to east Asia, cultivated as a food fish, highly invasive in US, also known as a silver carp.
FLYING CIRCUS, noun. (military) (aviation) (obsolete) A WWI German fighter wing.
FLYING CIRCUS, noun. (archaic) A barnstorming troop.
FLYING CIRCUSES, noun. Plural of flying circus
FLYING COFFIN, noun. (slang) An aircraft with an unacceptably high accident rate.
FLYING COFFINS, noun. Plural of flying coffin
FLYING COLUMN, noun. A small, independent, military land unit capable of rapid mobility, often using guerrilla tactics against a larger force.
FLYING DRAGON, noun. Draco volans, a gliding lizard endemic to Southeast Asia.
FLYING DUTCHMAN, proper noun. (nautical) (mythical) A Dutch-flagged clipper that is very fast sailing, and never makes it to port, seen on the high seas, where upon being hailed, occupants request information on persons long dead, or leave messages for said people. It is considered bad luck to meet said ship.
FLYING DUTCHMAN, proper noun. (idiomatic) A ship of similar qualities to the Flying Dutchman.
FLYING DUTCHMAN, proper noun. A ghost ship.
FLYING FISH, noun. Used other than as an idiom: see flying,‎ fish.
FLYING FISH, noun. A tropical marine fish of the family Exocoetidae, having enlarged winglike pectoral fins enabling it to escape predators by taking short gliding flights through the air.
FLYING FORTRESS, proper noun. The nickname of the US WWII heavy bomber Boeing B-17.
FLYING FOX, noun. A large Australasian bat, of the genera Pteropus or Acerodon in the family Pteropodidae, having a fox-like face.
FLYING FOX, noun. Any bat of the family Pteropodidae (see Usage notes).
FLYING FOX, noun. The cyprinid fish Epalzeorhynchos kalopterus.
FLYING FOX, noun. A device consisting of a chair suspended on a pulley, and running along a length of cable, used for transporting across ravines etc.
FLYING FOXES, noun. Plural of flying fox
FLYING FROG, noun. Any type of frog with the ability to glide
FLYING FUCK, noun. (vulgar) Used as a further intensification of fuck in some phrases
FLYING GURNARD, noun. Any tropical marine fish of the family of Dactylopteridae having immense wing-like pectoral fins used to glide through the water
FLYING GURNARDS, noun. Plural of flying gurnard
FLYING JIB, noun. (nautical) The foremost of the jibs of a square-rigged sailing vessel.
FLYING JIB BOOM, noun. (nautical) A jib boom with an additional outboard jib boom attached.
FLYING JIB BOOMS, noun. Plural of flying jib boom
FLYING JIBS, noun. Plural of flying jib
FLYING KISS, noun. A symbolic kiss given by kissing one's own hand, then blowing on the hand in a direction towards the recipient.
FLYING KISSES, noun. Plural of flying kiss
FLYING LEMUR, noun. The colugo
FLYING LEMURS, noun. Plural of flying lemur
FLYING MACHINE, noun. (obsolete) Early term for an aircraft
FLYING MEET, noun. (rail transport) The carefully-timed situation in which two opposing trains on a nominally single-track line meet at a siding and are able to pass each other without stopping, because they have reached the siding simultaneously.
FLYING MEETS, noun. Plural of flying meet
FLYING MICE, noun. Plural of flying mouse
FLYING MONKEYS, noun. (plurale tantum) (informal) (chiefly ironic or humorous) winged monkeys
FLYING MOUSE, noun. Any species of rodent in the genus Idiurus, which have the ability to glide.
FLYING MOUSE, noun. (computing) An input device like a mouse that can be lifted from a surface and moved in three dimensions.
FLYING OFFICER, noun. A rank in the RAF, between that of pilot officer and flight lieutenant, equivalent to an Army lieutenant or Royal Navy sublieutenant
FLYING PARTY, noun. A body of soldiers detailed to hover about an enemy.
FLYING PURPLE PEOPLE EATER, noun. (US) A fanciful monster.
FLYING PURPLE PEOPLE EATERS, noun. Plural of flying purple people eater
FLYING RAT, noun. (pejorative) a rock pigeon living in an urban environment.
FLYING RATS, noun. Plural of flying rat
FLYING SAUCER, noun. (informal) An unidentified flying object; UFO; usually with disc-like properties.
FLYING SAUCER, noun. In fiction, an alien interplanetary vessel with a disc-like shape and generally metallic appearance.
FLYING SAUCERS, noun. Plural of flying saucer
FLYING SCHOOL, noun. A specialized school that teaches future pilots how to fly an aircraft
FLYING SHOT, noun. A shot fired at a moving object, such as a bird on the wing.
FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER, proper noun. (humorous) A deity consisting of spaghetti and meatballs said to be creator of the universe.
FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTERISM, noun. A parody religion centered around the Flying Spaghetti Monster, a creator deity who resembles spaghetti and meatballs.
FLYING SPORT, noun. An activity involving aviation for recreation and competition. Flying sports include air racing, homebuilt aircraft, ultralight aviation, and hot-air ballooning.
FLYING SPORTS, noun. Plural of flying sport
FLYING SQUAD, noun. A rapid-response unit of a police force.
FLYING SQUID, noun. Any of various members of the Ommastrephidae with the ability to glide out of the water.
FLYING SQUIRREL, noun. Any of 43 species of squirrels from the Pteromyinae subfamily, which glide from tree to tree.
FLYING SQUIRRELS, noun. Plural of flying squirrel
FLYING START, noun. (idiomatic) An especially good start.
FLYING START, noun. The start of a sports event in which the competitors are moving when they pass the starting line or initial jump point.
FLYING STARTS, noun. Plural of flying start
FLYING THE COOP, verb. Present participle of fly the coop
FLYING THE NEST, verb. Present participle of fly the nest
FLYING TOILET, noun. (euphemistic) The use of a plastic bag for defecation which is subsequently thrown away.
FLYING TOILETS, noun. Plural of flying toilet
FLYING V, proper noun. (music) A wooden electric guitar with a futuristic shape.
FLYING VISIT, noun. (idiomatic) A very short visit
FLYING WEDGE, noun. A formation in which a group travels so that its components form a triangular shape.
FLYING WEDGES, noun. Plural of flying wedge

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FLYING, noun. An instance of traveling by air; "flying was still an exciting adventure for him".
FLYING, adjective. Moving swiftly; "fast-flying planes"; "played the difficult passage with flying fingers".
FLYING, adjective. Hurried and brief; "paid a flying visit"; "took a flying glance at the book"; "a quick inspection"; "a fast visit".

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